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Recent Testimonials

December 2014: (Customized) 9-Day Germany And Austria Christmas Rail Circle Tour

Dear Thomas and Michaela,

Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday. We had a fantastic time. Everything ran smoothly – there was not one thing that went wrong, no trains or tours missed. We were amazed by the comfort and convenience of train travel through Europe and enjoyed the experience immensely. It was so much more pleasant than flying. We were extremely pleased with our accommodation. The comfort, cleanliness and great service by staff of the hotels made the end of our busy days truly relaxing.
I will and have already, recommended ‘Toeurope’ to anyone wanting to holiday in Europe. We will definitely return to experience the German Christmas markets again.
We have many beautiful photos that I would be happy to share however I don’t have facebook to do this on your facebook site. My daughter may be able to do this at a later date.
Just one comment to assist you to improve your business- Our hotel in Vienna, The Alterwienerhof was nowhere near the standard of all other accommodation you provided. It was ok, however the carpets in the room were dirty, there was no remote control for the TV in our room and no mini bar or tea/coffee making facilities in our room. At reception there was a kettle and gluhwein to buy however the urn holding the gluhwein didn’t seem to work and it was cold. The hotel seemed to be in a rundown area and the hotel itself appeared poorly maintained. The location was atleast 15 minutes walk from shopping and nowhere near the sites. The opposite to all other accommodation provided. I would recommend you find alternative accommodation for your clients in Vienna.
Thanks again for your pleasant and prompt service and for a holiday that my family will be sharing fond memories of for the rest of our lives.

Kind Regards,

Michelle P., Ontario, Canada


November 2014: 6 Day Romantic Road Rail Tour

Dear Michaela,

We want to thank you very very much for organising our trip to Bavaria. We had a wonderful time and were grateful for the detailed information, notes and maps provided. Everything went very smoothly. The accommodation was excellent and very well located. The day trip to the Castles was also excellent. The only thing that didn’t happen was the walking tour in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. We were told by tourist information that German tours only operate at this time. We had no trouble spending our day there and enjoyed wandering around on our own. The Bavarian admission card was also great and was used extensively.
Thank you again.

Jennifer and John M., Latham, ACT, Australia


Oktober 2014: (Extended) 5-Day Paris To Vienna

Hi folks,

Quick email to let you know we have been having a fantastic time and to thank you for your exceptional organisation of our holiday bookings. We will provide detailed comment in due course.

Sue P. Albion, Queensland, Australia


September 2014: 10 Day Paris To Munich & Swiss Alps Rail Tour

My wife and I truly enjoyed the travel, sites, and hotels provided by ToEurope on our ten-day Paris-to-Munich tour this past September. Not only were the arrangements excellent, ToEurope’s communications before and during the trip were always complete and efficient. I recommend the Paris-to-Munich trip highly.

Michael C.



Dear Michaela,

We are back from our trip and I just wanted to thank you for the planning that you did for us. We had a wonderful vacation, everything went as planned, and the weather was even cooperative.
Thank you for the planning and information that was provided.

Karen W.


September 2014: (Extended) Bavaria Self-Drive Tour

Had a very enjoyable trip. Thank you for everything. All places were easy to deal with and set up wonderful. Hotels were very nice. The only problem I had was with the car. When I got to Europcar in Frankfurt, the car that was available to me was a White Mercedes. I was not comfortable with driving such a big car through Germany because I know it is harder to get around with a big car then a small one. I switched to a smaller car (I have attached the invoice). They could not credit me for the money that was put out for the Mercedes so I had to put the smaller car on my credit card. Was the Mercedes already paid for? If so, I would like to get reimbursed for the car that I did not use. Please let me know how the arrangements were set up. Thank you again for a wonderful trip!!

Sandy C., Union, New Jersey, USA


September 2014: 9-Day German Highlights: 1st-Cl Rail & Cruise

To Tomas:

my wife and I are concluding our trip today. We could not be more pleased with our wonderful time in Germany. Vielen danke

Donald W., Spotswood, NJ, USA


August 2014: Customized Tour

Hi Thomas:

We have returned home and just letting you know that “The Trip” was very enjoyable and you and Karen planned a very good holiday for us.

Ron & Karen S., Marco Island, Florida, USA


August 2014: 9 Day German Highlights: 1st Class Rail & Cruise

Good Morning Thomas,

I can’t thank you enough for how helpful you have been with everything and once I am back into my routine we will sit down to write an email and really let you know how much we loved the trip.
Have a great day!

Lucy & Massy F., Lundenhurst, NY, USA


August 2014: 8 Day Bavaria & Heidelberg Circle Car Tour

Dear Thomas,

We had a great trip in Germany, everything was well planned and instructions were perfect.
Thanks for everything,

Lorena M., France


August 2014: Extended 9-Day German Highlights

Hello Thomas / Diana

I wanted to write to you to let you know that we have completed our long planned trip successfully and have returned back to our respective lives. To start with, I wanted to thank you for accepting all our requirements and making flawless arrangements. It was a pleasure working with you and you can be assured that we will definitely recommend you to any of our friends planning similar trips to Europe.
To provide you with the details:
We reached Frankfurt airport and were able to print out the tickets with the reservation number from the ticketing machine. We reached Nuremberg and checked in to Hotel Victoria. The hotel, staff, room, breakfast was FANTASTIC. I can say that this was undoubtedly the best hotel experience of the trip. We also got the package for the future train rides and the Bavarian attractions as promised at the hotel. We did the quick stop at Regensburg and headed to Vienna. The stay in Vienna was everything that we had heard off and expected. The 3 hour tour was nice and the Schonnbrun palace was very tastefully decorated. We then moved to Salzburg. The hotel (Holiday Inn) was good in terms of the rooms being clean and bright and the breakfast was also good with a lot of variety. The quality of the entire place was inline with what you expect from Holiday Inn in the USA. The Sound of Music tour was very nice and the guide we had was very knowledgeable of the movie trivia. The next day we took the one day tour of the Eagles Nest and the Salt mines. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us at Eagles nest and it rained the entire day. We then went to Munich and stayed at the King's hotel. This hotel was in close proximity to the railway station and the rooms were very clean and nice and tastefully decorated. There were plenty of restaurants nearby as well. We took the trip to the castles and this was one of the highlights of the trip. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Moving on, we went out to Freiburg and checked in to the Novotel. We also did the trip to Lake Titisee and thoroughly enjoyed it. The river cruise was however very good and was one of the highlights of the trip. The next morning the taxi provided by you showed up on time and took us to the Frankfurt airport comfortably.
Again thank you for all your help in making our vacation one of the best ever.

Best Regards

Nitin P., New York, USA


August 2014: shortened 9-Day German Highlights

Hi Thomas,

I had a wonderful time in Germany. Thanks for creating a great itinerary. My only regret is that I did not have enough time to do two cities in one day ( Nuremberg and Munich) consequently I missed out on the Residence Palaces in Munich which is a shame. Also I did not realize that the card enclosed in my packet was for all the major sites I visited until the last day at which time it was too late.

Thanks and best regards,

Doreen I., Atlanta, GA, USA


August 2014: Extended 7-Day Superior Romantic Road Self-Drive Tour

Good morning to you,

We are back since yesterday from our trip on the Romantic Road and enjoyed it very much. Your choice of hotels and tours to join was really good. Our favorite place is Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This was truly like going back into the past. The car was great, but we battled with the kept directing us to the highways and off course we were looking for the little roads that goes through the villages! It was probably my ignorance in operating it properly.

Thank you once again for organising this holiday for us.

Rob S., South Africa


July 2014: Extended 5-Day Paris to Vienna 1st class Rail Tour

HI Thomas/Michaela-

I just wanted to let you and your agency know that my family and I enjoyed our trip very very much. Your arranging our hotels and train rides made it so convenient, especially when everything was all planned out for us (defering the trouble of having to wonder on where to go and what to do on our part...especially me!). Most of the hotels we stayed in were excellent, especially the convenience of its location near the train stations. Otherwise, like all the other hotels during our trip, their breakfast was excellent. I've never eaten so much croissants and drank so much espresso in my life!!!
In case your future clients ask you, we would recommend the St Augustine restaurant in Munich and the Pachlutta in Vienna. Those were our favorite. Our experience in Heidelberg was like no other. Although, the old town was quaint, it gave me somewhat of a nostalgic feel to it. Walking around the market place and exploring the old castle, then walking over the bridge and taking pictures of the great scenery---that to me was a real taste of old Europe. The hotel you picked out for us was perfect! Our room had the very view of the bridge and what a perfect way to post photos on facebook when one is framed by the window with the old bridge in the background. The lady at the counter who received us at check-in was very nice. We found the Germans to be very nice overall. It was raining in Heidelberg while we were walking around and we met this gentleman whom we asked for recommendation a restaurant who serves authentic German food. After he showed us where to go, he came back a few minutes later and gave us an umbrella!!! That was such a touching experience and we felt so welcomed in Heidelberg.
Anyway, there's so much more that I could tell you regarding our trip but it'll take me the entire day and I wouldn't want you to suffer through my ramblings. We will definitely recommend your agency to our friends. By the way, it was a great idea to stay an extra day in Paris and another in Vienna. You might want to think about creating such a package.

Again, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your group for a great vacation and a wonderful experience.

Mary F., Farmington, CT, USA


July2014: Extended 9-Day Bavaria, Innsbruck & Lake Costance Rail Tour

Hello Thomas,

Our trip has been wonderful. We have had no problems with the trains. Thank you for all you and your team have done to provide an awesome vacation for us!


Joan F.


June 2014: Extended 8-Day Luther Rail Tour

Hi Thomas

My wife Michelle and I have finished the trip in Germany. Thank you for your fabulous arrangement. We found that particularly the locations of the hotels you chose are wonderful.
Wish you prosperity in your business.

Warm regards

Michael C., Gordon NSW Australia


June 2014: Extended 7-Day Bavaria Rail Cirle

Good morning (Sydney time) Thomas,

The venture worked wonderfully well and we saw some pretty impressive sights along the way. In fact while staying at the Rothenburg hotel, I noticed a glass case with an assortment of camers which interested me. When I met the owner, I found that he was a collector and amongst his range of 'Goodies' was a 35mm film camera developed for the "Luftwaffe" pilots to photograph the destruction by their bombs, so the camera becme known as "The Eye of Goebel", that notable gentleman being the chief of the 'Air Force.
Since I only arrived home last Friday morning, I've had no chance to down-load my photos, so I anxiously await the opportunity to do so, they should bring back some happy memories.
Incidently, we were very impressed with the trains and their organisation.
Again, our thanks for providing the opportunity and for the assistance given to make the most enjoyable experience.

Kindest regards,

Colin & Judy B., Sydney, Australia


June 2014: Customized and extended Vienna-Prague-Berlin Rail Tour

Hi Michaela

Just wanted to thank you – we had a great holiday and everything went well. Dresden was a real surprise, so thank you for suggesting that on the itinerary. All the hotels were really good, and the rail arrangements worked well.
We will definitely want to organise future trips using rail with you.

Greg E., Sydney, Australia


June 2014: 14-Day France-Germany Rail/Self-Drive Combi

Dear Thomas

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip with your company. The hotels were very satisfactory which was great after a busy day sightseeing and driving on the autobahns! Your driver from the airport was very helpful and it was wonderful not to have to worry about transport after a long flight.
Maybe advise people when going into Rothenberg that you do go through the narrow castle gates - just like the GPS says! For people like us it was a bit daunting for a start. I spoke to some Americans and they were unsure like us as well.
Your suggestions of what to see and do we're very helpful. We opted for the Hop On Hop Off bus in Munich and found we were able to see maybe a little bit more than if we had walked. Might be a suggestion for those who are not quite so keen on walking all the time? We visited the BMW showroom which gave us a change from all the wonderful historic sights.
We will certainly be recommended your company to friends when we get back. We felt we saw more of the real people and the country than we have on previous bus trips.

Kind regards

Sylvia G., New Zeeland


June 2014: Extended 8-Day Bavaria Self-Drive Tour

Just a note to Tom,

The trip went well - hotels were a nice mix - the trip was well organized, well thought out and we had a great time - the GPS was a tremendous help- thanks

Dr. Deluca


Mai 2014: Extended 7-Day Heidelberg, Bavaria Rail Circle Tour

Dear Mr Giesick and Ms Schulz

We write to thank you for making our rail journey in Germany such a success. We have been busy since arriving back in Australia so please accept our apology for such tardiness in expressing our gratitude to you and ToEurope for putting our tour together.
The written information and its helpful suggestion, the standard of accommodation, and rail connections were just as we expected or far better than expected. As we do not use public transport very often in Australia it was a bit daunting at first but we found DB Central staff were always most helpful. For most places we would arrive early-afternoon and would tour about in the afternoon and twilight and then again the next morning before checking out at 11 am. So most of our train travel was done during the lunch period. All the hotels we stayed at had a wonderful character, were most welcoming and, importantly, were clean. We learnt so much about German culture, practised our limited language skills, and one memory that stands out was the amount of music we listened to, especially the concerts we came across in the churches.
We have returned to Australia with so many memories and stories, and we have told many people of the great time (and food) we had in Germany.
Thank you again for putting together a great tour for us.

Kind regards,

Gail N. and Marsha R., Queensland, Australia


Mai 2014: Customized Self- Drive Tour

Hello Thomas,

We had a great vacation on our trip. Thanks so much for your work on our behalf.
The car was exquisite and I thoroughly enjoyed driving both on the autobahn and through small villages.
The hotels were a variety and all quality. We enjoyed the variety - especially the contrast between Weises Kreuz and Schatzmann - very old and very new! Great experience.
The information you provided was very helpful.

And thanks again for a fantastic experience!

Take care.

Phillip M., Fort Smith, AR, USA


Mai 2014: Customized Tour

Dear Michaela,

Just a short note to thank you for all the organizing you did for our trip through Eastern Europe. Here is a little feedback.
All the trains we caught were comfortable, clean and a pleasant way to travel.
We arrived in Dresden and the hotel Pullman Newa was comfortable and close to the station. Walking to the old town was easy and straightforward. The hotel room was comfortable and breakfast was good. The only strange thing was that there was no free wifi available for guests.
We arrived in Prague and walked to the Liberty Hotel. So you can advise your clients that walking in itself wasn’t a problem but the cobbled streets made pulling suitcases rather difficult. We caught a taxi back to the station after our stay there. The hotel was a lovely choice and it was close to the old town and many of the attractions.
The Royal Park Hotel in Budapest is close to the station. We enjoyed the attractions in Budapest and used the “Hop on Hop off” buses.
We arrived in Vienna and found the hotel easily. This was a lovely hotel too. The fact that they “produce “all their own power is amazing. The staff was friendly and helpful. The underground railway system was easy to use and it made getting around very easy.
Innsbruck was magnificent and the hotel was lovely and once we had a local map we found it easy to get our bearings. It snowed while we were leaving Innsbruck in the train. Exciting for us coastal dwellers!
The trip was lovely. The organization was superb – everything we asked for.
We will recommend you and your company to anyone here who needs information and assistance with organizing a holiday in Europe.
Thank you once again and please thank Thomas too for all the help you both gave us.

Kind regards,
Mario and Ilona B., South Africa


December 2013: Extended 8-Day Bavaria Self-Drive Tour

Hi Thomas

I just wanted to write and let you know what a fantastic time we had in Germany.
Every hotel we stayed in was lovely and all the reception staff and owners were extremely helpful, and the breakfasts were huge !!
The hire car was excellent, and all the driving instructions you sent made everything easy.
We loved every minute of the holiday, and the xmas markets were lovely. We added in Gengenbach for the town hall advent calendar and it was just as beautiful as it looks in photos, so it was well worth adding it to our itinerary.
We have over 600 photos of our holiday and we are planning on going back to Germany but in summer next time! Although seeing the snow was a definite highlight!

Our highlights would be|

The friendliness of all the hotels we stayed in
Rothenburg - beautiful
Bamberg - also beautiful
The Churches
driving through the snow

Thanks you so much for all your help, and we will be in touch in a few years’ time to book our next trip, we are also telling everyone about toeurope.

Stephanie H., Auckland, Australia


December 2013: Christmas Magic 1st-Class Rail Tour

Hi Thomas

We have now finished the tour you recently organized for us. We wish to thank you and your staff, all but particularly Diana, for superb, through and exceedingly helpful arrangements and suggestions for our trip. The trip went off very smoothly and very enjoyably, far better than we could have achieved on own own. Thank you.
Best wishes to you and your staff for Christmas and the New Year.

Cassandra D. and Dennis T.


December 2013: 8-Day 1st-class Christmas Magic

Dear Michaela and Thomas,

I am home now from my trip to Germany and Austria. Lucy and I had a wonderful time and your tremendous organization of our train tour was so appreciated. It all went well and we loved Germany and Austria - enjoyed it immensely! The Christmas markets gave such atmosphere and the scenery of the Alps Palace tour and Salzburg were unforgettable. Must try and learn some German before I return.
Would love to do another trip with you in the future so must keep in touch.

Once again a big thank you for everything.

Merry Christmas
Anna R., Adelaide, South Australia


November 2013: 8-Day 1st-class Christmas Magic

Dear Thomas and Michaela,

Richard and I would like to thank you so very much for organizing such a wonderful trip for us. You gave us all the necessary information, vouchers and tickets which made our travels so easy.
We particularly enjoyed Heidelberg, Nuremberg and Rothenberg; the towns were lovely and interesting to explore and the Christmas markets were fun and colorful. We also had a lovely sunny but snowy day to explore Ludwig's castles and our guide, Ana, was wonderful!
Thank you very much! We are happy to use you again and to refer our friends to you.

All the Best,
von Pat und Richard , Toronto, Canada


October 2013: Customized Self-Drive Tour

Thomas and all,

We are back home after a wonderful trip to Germany and Prague. Thank you again for all you did to create a customized trip for the four of us. The car was a perfect size for four adults and their luggage.
The accommodations were consistently great. The Reudesheimer Schloss in Reudesheim was a perfect starting point and Susanne was most welcoming. Ii was the only hotel that welcomed us with complimentary champagne.
Our itinerary was packed with things to do and see and we didn't get to everything, but what we did see was amazing. We loved getting off the autobahn and driving smaller country roads, and some of our favorite moments were times we stopped in a village off those roads. We brought a map, since the GPS wants to use the shortest/fastest route.
The bus ride to Prague and back was a very comfortable way to travel. Don't be hesitant to recommend this to others.
Our driver to the airport was great. The Eden Hotel Wolff was willing to provide a box meal since we and to leave before the breakfast started.
Thanks again. We have many wonderful memories of Germany as a result of this trip.

Kathy J., Sioux Falls, , South Dakota, USA


October 2013: Customized Tour

We are almost at the end of our wonderful vacation. Again, you have done an exceptional job. My son who hates to travel is totally impressed with how easy it is to travel with you handling all the details.

Kimiko D., USA


September 2013: Extended Bavaria Rail Circle & Rhine River Cruise

Hi Thomas,

We had a wonderful trip and we want to thank you for doing such a fine job coordinating and booking everything for us. We never encountered any problems. The train schedules and your guidelines worked perfectly.

Here are some of our thoughts/feedback:
The Rhine river cruise was fantastic!
Augsburg Mohren hotel was great...
Dachau tour was excellent...

Booking a night in Munich was very smart. The location was fabulous, friendly helpful staff. They allowed us to store our luggage there all day before departing for Salzburg!
Crowne Plaza in Salzburg was great...
Next day back in Munich...well worth the money to stay the night!! They stored our luggage again when we went on the Castle Tour. Castle Tour was a long day but worth it.
Hotel Victoria in Nuremberg was awesome! The location was very cool and picturesque.

We were able to go to Oktoberfest 2 nights which were a ton of fun. We met locals that taught us so much. And wow! What a production! We were able to sit and eat and drink and dance at 2 different tents (one each night). First night was a traditional tent and then a "international" tent that played American pop songs! It was a hoot.

We are so glad we stumbled upon your company website and are thankful for the wonderful itinerary you created for us.
Our trip to Germany was fabulous!

Best regards,

Lindy S., Atlanta USA


September 2013: Strasbourg, Black Forrest & Interlaken custom tour

Hi Thomas,

We had a FABULOUS trip to the Black Forest, France and Switzerland. You do a remarkable job in finding excellent locations, wonderful hotels, and all the directions we need to make our way from place to place.
Again, thanks for all that you do!

Jackie T., Oklahoma, USA


September 2013: 9-Day South of Germany Self-drive tour

To everyone at ToEurope:

Thank you so much for making hotel arrangements for our Germany trip earlier this month. We enjoyed each city that we visited. The hotels were first-rate - especially the breakfasts that were served each morning.

Thanks again.

Gordon & Claudette M., Leavenworth, Kansas USA


August 2013: 7-Day Bavaria Rail Circle Tour

Hello Thomas and Staff

We had a wonderful vacation in Germany. Thank you so much for including all the places we wanted to see. I will be happy to recommend your company to my many children who also want to take train tours in Europe now.
We enjoyed most our nights in traditional hotels or bed and breakfasts, like the Hotel Spitzweg in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The National Hotel in Nurmburg has very modern rooms now without much European charm.
Thank you again. May you enjoy your Holiday season, and hopefully we will contact you again for another wonderful European Rail Tour.

Wendy F., Monticello, Utah, USA


July 2013: 8-Day HD & Bav SD Tour + 4 Day Rhine & Mosel

Hi Thomas,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour! We loved the flexibility of car hire and cities on the tour.
The Christmas Market tours look great. It's a shame the flight to Germany from Australia is so expensive.

Kind regards

Steve and Bernadette G., Western Australia, Australia


July 2013: Customized Rail Tour

Places visited :-
Berlin (The Concert + Sachsenhausen C Camp) – Hamburg – (Flensburg) – Koln – Trier - Koblenz – The Rhine Valley Cruise – Rothenburg Ob der Tauber – Wurzburg – Nurnberg – Munich – Oberammergau - Linderhof + Neuschwanstein Castles – Heidelberg – Frankfurt – Berlin.

Date :- 17th July to 1st August 2013 (Including Flensburg)

Hi Thomas (and staff)

I would like to take this opportunity to express a ‘huge’, ‘huge’ thank you to you and your staff for the amount of effort spent putting the most wonderful, adventurous and highly informative ‘Train Tour’ together for my sister (Pauline) and myself. The paper work outstanding.

Your country, the castles, endless history, trains, taxi’s, trams (biking) and just mere walking your lovely city’s, villages and farms will be unforgettable in our minds. Your country is amazing. I highly recommend taking the ‘Train Tour’ route through ‘TOEUROPE’ Tours’. An A-Class experience.

Must mention as well the food in Germany is so delicious and well presented. Apple Strudel/Ice Cream (my favourite) devoured in every town. The people in Germany we found extremely friendly, helpful and appreciatively conversant in English. Learning German is definitely on my list.

The weather enjoyable ( loved the sun till 9.30pm) - (however, had some really trying scorchers). Apparently not the norm. Will remember to pack a hat on my next trip to Germany.

Wow, what better way in seeing Germany, which I refer to as the ‘The Fairy Tale’ haven of the world….

Once again – Thank you
Until the next tour…

Lynne W.
South Africa


July 2013: 8-Day Heidelberg & Bavaria Self-Drive Tour + 4 Day Rhine & Mosel

Hi Thomas,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour! We loved the flexibility of car hire and cities on the tour.
The Christmas Market tours look great. It's a shame the flight to Germany from Australia is so expensive.

Kind regards

Steve and Bernadette G.


July 2013: Adjusted Heidelberg and Bavaria Rail Circle tour

Hi Michaela,

Thought I'd get into a little more detail about our trip, use it on your website if you'd like.
We loved Wurzburg, the Residence was beautiful and we enjoyed the old bridge and everyone gathering there in the evening to stroll and have a beer or glass of wine. The hotel was very nice and the people very friendly. Rothenburg was unique as a 15th century walled town on the Romantic Road. Our hotel was 500 years old with beamed ceilings with a very nice owner and family who took good care of us. The Night Watchman Tour was a highlight of our trip and I would recommend it to all. Nuremburg was also interesting and although the castle was closed for renovation we still enjoyed the town. The Victoria was by far the nicest hotel on the trip and we enjoyed our stay there. One of the things we liked about all the towns we visited was the central squares with the shops and cafes and no cars.
Munich is a big city so not quite as quaint as the other towns we visited but it had many attractions that we enjoyed. The hop-on-hop-off bus tour was terrific and we ended up in the English Garden at the Chinese Beer Garden for a great evening. During Octoberfest it holds over 7000 people. On one day we all took our separate ways, I went to the zoo (I work at the Bronx Zoo in New York), my wife and one of our sons went to the Alliance Soccer Stadium for a tour, and our oldest son just toured the city on his own. We took the Castle tour from Munich to the Alps and it was definitely a high point of our trip, Linderhof and Neuschwanstein were beautiful. The trains are great, very efficient and fast, and it was worth upgrading to 1st class. Our longest trip was from Munich to Heidelberg and it was a pleasure, I wish we had this system in the States. Heidelberg was beautiful, our last stop on our tour. I can't say enough about the great job that ToEurope does in putting together a wonderful tour.

Thanks again to Thomas and Michaela.

Michael V.
Hillsdale, NJ
United States of America


July 2013: 9-day Romantic Road, Bavaria and Salzburg Rail Tour


Thank you so much for putting together this tour!! We both had a great time! And the weather was on our side for the entire trip.
Attached is …

We'll be posting pictures soon.

Gary and Monique O.
New York
United States of America


July 2013: Customize Rail Tour Prague, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin

Hi Thomas and Michaela,

We are back in the US and had a great time. Thank you for the rail trip. I have one suggestion. The train from the Czech Republic was almost completely reserved when we got on. You might want to tell anyone traveling through this area to make a reservation well in advance. Luckily, we were able to find seats in a compartment to Dresden, but many people had to make the trip in the aisle.

Thank you again,

Patti G.
United States of America


June 2013: Customized Rail Tour Rhine River, Switzerland, Austria and The Czech Republik

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for planning everything for us. The trip was amazing and we would love to book with you again when we plan our next vacation.

Thanks for all of your help!

Kristyn S.
Statesboro, GA
United States of America


June 2013: 7-day Heidelberg & Bavaria Rail Circle Tour

Dear Thomas and Team,

Just a note to thank you for all the effort with our trip bookings! Everything was perfect, we couldn't have expected that we would have so much fun. The bookings where impeccable, the hotels fantastic not to talk about the hotel locations they where superb.

Thanks again for everything, we had a fantastic time in your beautiful country and will definitely return for a visit.

Pieter & Dierdre S.
South Africa


June 2013: Customized Tour Rüdesheim, Koblenz, Freiburg, Heidelberg

Dear Thomas,

We have been home for a few days now and I wanted to send off an email to thank you for setting us up with such an enjoyable tour. Once we got past the late taxi arrival and resending the train tickets we indeed had a very smooth trip. You were right--it was very easy to print out the tickets at the train station. At Rudesheim Station we were taken by bus on a 20 minute ride to another train station where we boarded the train for Koblenz.

All of our hotels were just great and the service was excellent. The train connections were always on time and we appreciated the fact that our hotels were located so close to the stations. My husband and I have much experience riding the subway here in the Washington DC area so that helped us navigate the system in Germany. It's definitely a very "user friendly" service.

The side trip to Trier was really interesting. We were all quite impressed with the Roman ruins.

We ate at many good restaurants and usually we ate outside which we all enjoyed. Rudesheimer Kaffee was a delight. Actually our friend here who is from Germany told us about it and urged us to try it.

So once again, thank you for all your help and great service to see that we had a memorable trip. We are now in the process of organizing our photos and they will provide many good remembrances.

Rita and Robert L.
Silver Spring, MD
United States of America


June 2013: Adjusted 9-Day German Highlights

Hello Thomas,

We are preparing to leave on our flight from Frankfurt back home and wanted to give you a very big Thank You!

Our vacation went as smooth as clock work, thanks to your directions and arrangements. You thought of every detail, small and large, and our time flowed very well.

Take care and we'll let you know when we get home. We would be very happy to write a latter of recommendation to you, for future reference to prospective clients.

Bye for now, Thomas.

Stuart and Marlene H.
Mililani, HI
United States of America


May 2013: 9-Day South of Germany

Just wanted to say thank you for everything. The tour was great and we really enjoyed the entire trip! Great hotels and great locations

Ron S.
Coral Springs, Florida
United States of America


May 2013: Customized 1st-Class Rail Tour North Germany

Dear Thomas,

We want to let you know that our 4th tour with you was "Fantastic." Amsterdam, Osnabruck, Breman, Hamburg, Lubeck,
Schwerin, Dresden, Potsdam and Berlin were very beautiful cities. The hotels in these cities were very good. The location
of the hotels worked perfectly. As before having 1st Class rail tickets made travel from city to city very easy.

The Bus and Canal Cruise in Amsterdam and the Harbor Tour in Hamburg were very good. The Berlin Welcome Card was perfect. The Reichstag in Berlin was really something to see.

As before the information sheets provided made our trip very easy.

Thomas, we want to Thank You and Michaela for helping us have another " Fantastic " vacation.

Thank You!

Jerry, Janet, & Tim M.
Omaha, NE
United States of America


May 2013: 7-Day Germany´s romantic getaways Rail tour


Wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time in Germany, despite the weather. It rained all but 1 day of the 2 weeks we were there, but armed with umbrellas and water repellant gear, we didn't miss much. Looks like we got out before the worst hit too.

The arrangements you made for us worked perfectly and the triple room accommodations in Heidelberg and Wurzburg were very good. Our son was particularly appreciative to have his own room at the Hotel Spitzweg. We had dinner at the Zum Ritter our first night and glad we did - it was lovely and the staff couldn't have been nicer. The Hotel Wurzburger Hof was probably our favorite for an overall experience - elegant and provided the best breakfast. Thank you for the complimentary upgrade. We were so fortunate to be in Rothenberg during Der Meistertrunk - it provided an extra element of fun and Walter was a dear, providing many helpful tips Of all the towns we visited, Wurzburg and Nuremberg were probably our favorites, although the sight of Rothenberg looming up in the distance when we were driving through the farmland was amazing. We were so glad to have rented a car so we could explore at our own pace rather than being held to a train schedule. We also thought it was much easier to access the hotels this way. We progressed through the itinerary at a slower pace than laid out, but it suited us, and as a result only had time for a late lunch in Nuremberg. However, we had time to revisit Nuremberg for a day before we flew home from Munich and glad we did; we liked the mix of the medieval with the modern.

The sightseeing sheets you provided were wonderful and we also had a guidebook for more detail, as you suggested. We especially appreciated the suggestions for places to eat and other "tips". In retrospect, there's little I would change, other than possibly forfeiting the stop at Aschaffenburg if one is tight on time. Perhaps it was continuing jet lag or the weather that slowed us initially, but we spent another half day walking about Heidelberg, and then with stopping at Aschaffenburg, we didn't arrive in Wurzburg until late afternoon. We waited until the next day to tour the Residenz so we'd be on a English tour. But even with moving the planned itinerary out at least a half day, all worked out well. We even had time to catch a concert at one of the churches, which is a real treat and a good way to rest for a bit. I knew we had an aggressive schedule and wish we could have spent more time on the Romantic Road but our other arrangements precluded that. However, for clients who are not constrained and like to explore, I'd suggest at least 6-7 days. We plan to return someday!

Thanks again for all your help. It was a wonderful journey and one our son is still talking about.


Linda B.
Somerset County
United States of America


May 2013: 9-Day South of Germany Self-drive tour 2013

Hello Thomas,

I wanted to let you know how much Gary & I enjoyed our car trip through Southern Germany I posted reviews on trip advisor for most of the hotels we stayed at & several of the restaurants which we ate at.
At Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Hotel Spitzweg we met another couple who were travelling with their adult son. They had booked through you as well ! They were American & I do not have their names.

The hotel that you booked for us in Konstanz, Hotel Halm was wonderful. I know that was not on the original itinerary, but you chose a great one for us.
Unfortunately, we did not get to the restaurant in Frankfurt that you recommended because I was ill. In Rothenburg ob der Tauber, I had a sore throat & by the time we were in Nordlingen I was not well at all. So in Frankfurt, we just stayed at the airport hotel & did not venture into Frankfurt, although we did have a little detour there on our drive to the airport.
We have both been ill with a respirator virus since our return. However, we are both feeling better now & are on the mend.

Thank you so much for your efforts, bookings, emails etc. You have been a wonderful travel agent for us.

Audrey K.
Hamilton Ontario


May 2013: Customized Rail Tour northern Germany

Dear Thomas,

We are home safely after a marvelous tour thanks to your splendid arrangements.

The highlights were Lubek and Erfurt. The weather did its worst but came good in the end. We dodged the effects of the flood.

Ian McG.
Traralgon VIC


May 2013: 8-day Heidelberg & Bavaria Self-Drive Tour


I just wanted to say thank you. The service of your agency was superb, and the trip was also superb. I will definitely be recommending toeurope to friends and family.

Have a great day!

Konstantin L.
Brooklyn, NY
United States of America


May 2013: Extended 6-day Romantic Road Rail Tour

Hi Thomas

I would like to say thank you so much for giving Mark and I the opportunity to see Germany. All your efforts in ensuring that our tour was perfect, paid off. The hotels where we stayed were amazing and so close to the stations, you really made our trip worthwhile. Thank you again, and we will certainly recommend your services in the future, and please don’t hesitate to use us as referrals.

Kind regards

Tracy and Mark S.
South Africa


April 2013: 7-Day Frankfurt to Rome 1st-class Rail tour

Hi Thomas

Please accept my sincere thanks for the way the tour was organized. I should let you know that all the services from you were top notch. I could not have asked for more. We really enjoyed the trip and we had a great time. Apologies for sending this mail late as we both were busy with work as soon as we came back.

I sincerely look forward for my next trip with you guys and will recommed your service to my friends as well


Santhosh R.


April 2013: 7-Day Gourmet & Castle Tour

Hi Thomas,

I just want to pass on my thanks to both you and Michaela, for we have just completed one of the best holidays we have ever had. "Gourmet and Castles" was even better than we had hoped for. The castle accommodation fitted in perfectly with the theme of the Fairytale Road and the gourmet dinners were so nice that we chose to dine in each castle on the second night as well. The accompanying booklet, notes and maps you provided for the self-drive made our touring very easy and enjoyable, even for us "wrong side of the road" drivers.
In particular, however, it was the advice and recommendations you willingly offered for the other sections of our holiday that were much appreciated. Together with the additional train bookings you made for us a trouble-free holiday was assured.
Many of our friends in Australia have shown great interest in our exploits - I think you can expect a few more clients.

Thanks again,

Jenny and Barry S.


April 2013: German Fairy Tale Route, Hamburg and Berlin Rail Tour

Hello, Thomas!

I wanted to thank you so very much for setting up the travel arrangements and tour so well for my sister and me! I don't know how we would have done it without you and you truly saved us a lot of time and money. We had such a lovely time in Europe, in all of the countries that we visited. We are on our way to Asia tomorrow and look forward to beginning another chapter of our travels.

All the best and many thanks again!!

Lisa B.
Lake County, Illinois
United States of America


December 2012: 9-Day Germany & Austria Christmal Rail Tour

Hi xxx,

Happy New Year! Sorry Frank and I missed your Christmas party, we always look forward to it and hope to continue to stay on the list of invitees. The following link will take you to the website for the tour we did in Germany. At first I was a little apprehensive in dealing with a company that I had never heard of, but in the end we were very happy with the way things turned out. Everything was very well organized and the gentleman, whose information I have also included, that assisted us with the details was extremely helpful and always courteous in working with me about the various details. The hotels were all very nice - some a little on the old side, but that added to the charm. They all had very nice furnishings, great breakfasts and were very well situated within walking or a short taxi ride distance from the train stations. The train travel was wonderful! If you decide to book a trip, I could give you some tips on the various, very minor obstacles that we dealt with. But, all in all, it was a wonderful trip and I would definitely recommend the company.

Frank and Peggy S.
Holyoke, CO
United States of America


December 2012: 9-Day Germany & Austria Christmal Rail Tour

Dear Thomas and the rest of the team at TOEUROPE Tours,

Our 9-Day Germany & Austria Christmas Rail Tour is over.....however, it was AWESOME, PERFECT, MAGICAL and filled us with memories for a life time!!!! Your team did a superb job in arranging each detail - there was never any glitch ! The rail options, the instructions, the hotels were 'spot on' as were the tours. We did take advantage of our time in Munich to visit the Dachau concentration camp.

We cannot thank you enough for enabling us to thoroughly enjoy our Christmas in Germany and Austria!!!! We have surely shared our positive impression of your tour company with many of our friends and will continue to so do.

May 2013 hold special joyful blessings, health and happiness for each of you and your familys!
Warm regards and with gratitude,

Gary, Judy, Laura, and Matthew L.
Germantown, MD
United States of America


December 2012: Customized Self-Drive Tour: Würzburg, Rothenburg, Füssen, Black Forest

Hi Michaela,
Thank you – all the best for you in 2013 as well!
We enjoyed the tour very much and did not want to come back. Germany is a wonderful place and may daugther said we should go and live there…
Thank you for all the bookings and arrangements.

Kind regards

Leon A.
South Africa


November 2012: 8-Day Bavaria Self Drive Tour

Hi Thomas

Just a quick note to thank you and your team for the help in planning our first trip to Germany.
We leave Frankfurt tomorrow.
It is indeed a beautiful country and we had a great time
Thanks for all of your assistance.
Everything went really smoothly (even the driving in the snow and ice!!!) and we returned the car free of any damage.
Our only feedback re hotels is the Novetel booking.....ok, but not as nice as the others.
Regardless, a great 3 weeks and we will happily recommend you to others

Best wishes and happy Christmas

Peter and Joelle L.
Western Australia


November 2012: 8-Day Romantic Road Christmas Tour

Dear Thomas,

We completed our tour and I wanted to thank you for the fine work you did in arranging everything for us. The car was the perfect size! As we went from Christmas Market to Christmas Market, the amount of gifts we purchased grew to the point where we had to purchase another suitcase to carry all the gifts home with us. All of the hotels were very well located. It was wonderful staying close to or in the old parts of the cities we visited. The weather was a bit difficult, being cold and snowy at times.

We did not adhere exactly to the schedule you prepared for us. Walking was a problem for two of our group so some of the walking tours were shortened. There were two problems we had with the tourist attraction not being opened. In Bad Mergetheim, the Schloß did not open until 1400 but the drive put us in town in the morning. 1400 was too late for us because of our tour in Wüzburg later in the day. The other problem was that Johannesburg Palace in Aschaffenburg because we arrived on Monday and it was closed on Monday. However, in both cases, we found other things to do that were worth the time.

We loved your suggested dining places and suggest that you include more of these in your tour information sheets for other cities. When there are two nights, it would be nice to have two separate restaurants to visit. In Würzburg, we particularly enjoyed the Ratskeller.
Also, I would suggest that in your tour information sheets that you include the German names for the places to visit either instead of or along with the English translation. The navigation system we brought with us did not have the English translations for any of the tour stops. Also, if we had to ask for help from people in the towns we visited, the German name would be very important.

Thank you for arranging everything for our tour. We all had a great time. I will recommend your services to anyone planning a similar trip.

Bob E.
United States of America


October 2012: Extended 7-Day Heidelberg & Bavaria Rail Circle Tour

Hi Thomas

Thanks very much for organising the 9 day tour for us. The tour was really great and we enjoyed very much.

We have recommended your website to our friends and hoping that they will choose your service.

By the way, we are going to a cruise in October…

Tony T.
New Zealand


October 2012: Customized Rail Circle Tour: Munich, Rothenburg, Würzburg, Nuremberg


I would like to thank you for an outstanding job with our tour. The biggest problem we had was, there was not enough time to see everything you had listed or we wanted to see. The pass for the museums, and castles was great, so was the night watchman tour in Rothenburg, those were just a couple highlights.

I will definitely recommend your company to anyone heading to Europe. We are hoping to return in 5 or 6 years, when we retire, to spend more time in your beautiful country.

Once again thank you for an exceptional experience

David S.
Monroe County, New York
United States of America


October 2012: 7-Day Heidelberg & Bavaria Rail Circle Tour

Hi Thomas,

Sorry to have taken 2 weeks to thank you & Michaela for the exemplary organization of our recent train tour of Germany.
Your meticulous attention to details and wonderful arrangements made our first in-depth German trip a carefree, enjoyable & unforgettable experience.
We applaud your success in such organization and would strongly recommend you to our friends who might like to enjoy such a wonderful experience as you had.

Thanks & best wishes,

Vienna & Lawrence T.


September 2012: 7-Day Munich, Innsbruck, Salzburg 1st Class Rail Tour and on to Prague

Thomas –

It is always busy catching up with things when you come back from a trip, so that is my excuse for taking so long to write you!
I wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did organizing the hotel reservations, the trains, tours, etc. It all worked out perfectly, and suited our group to a “T”. We loved being able to determine our own schedule, but were thankful not to have to deal with making all the reservations. The hotels were wonderful and locations perfect!
Our visit to Prague was great, too. As it worked out, there were festivals in both Nuremberg and Prague on the days we were there.
All of my sisters greatly enjoyed visiting Germany for the first time, and being able to visit near where our great-great-grandparents grew up. It is a beautiful country.

Thank you again for all your help and flexibility working with our schedule and preferences!

Laura R.
Escambia, Florida
United States of America


September 2012: 7-Day Munich, Innsbruck, Salzburg 1st Class Rail Tour and on to Prague


I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in setting up our recent trip to Bavaria, Austria, and The Czech Republic. We had a wonderful time and have a lifetime of memories and photos to help us remember this. Because you took care of the room and transportation so well, we were able to focus on the "fun part" of the trip and didn't have to worry about the total planning. The hotels were close to the sights and their accommodations very nice. The train system is a fantastic way to get around and makes car travel unnecessary.

Thank you again for your part in making my first European experience so great!

Marita C.
United States of America


September 2012: 8-Day Bavaria Self Drive Tour

Dear Thomas,

We have now been back in the USA for four days since concluding our two week vacation in Germany and are finally back into our old routine and time-zone so we thought we would send you a follow-up email. We can’t fully express in words how completely happy and thoroughly impressed we were with the services you and your company provided. Every detail was attended to in a professional manner. Every hotel selected was a dream. Every stop planned was entertaining and educational. We loved our time in Germany and would certainly recommend you and your company to anyone interested in vacationing in Europe. Now, unfortunately, we have to get back to the “real world” of work and other responsibilities (and driving at much lower speeds : - ) but we will always cherish our two weeks in Germany that you helped make possible.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (Very best regards),

Matt and Denise N.
Atlanta, Georgia

P.S. We tend to only get to Europe once every five years but hope we can take advantage of your services on our next European vacation!


September 2012: 7-Day Rome to Frankfurt 1st class Rail Tour


I just wanted to tell you that we had an absolute wonderful time on our honeymoon! Germany is a beautiful country (Rothenburg was our favorite!) and we loved Venice! All of the hotels were very nice, and in great locations! Thank you so much for creating a perfect honeymoon for us! I would recommend you to anyone looking to book to Europe!

Thanks again!

Tarah and Matt Y.
Wayne County, Pennsylvania
United States of America


September 2012: 5-Day Europe for lovers

Hi Thomas,

I just thought that I would drop you a note to say thank you for our trip that you put together for us trough Germany (The 5day lovers trip to Munich and Heidelberg) incorporating the Fairy Tale Castles and the Ice train to Paris . It all went smoothly and we enjoyed it very much.

The Accommodation that you arranged was excellent

Once again thanking you for your efforts and we will pass on to any of our friends your details for any future trips that they may be planning.

Kind regards

Anne C.
Western Australia


September 2012: Customized First Class Rail Tour: Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Berlin

Hi Thomas

We are now on the last leg of our tour and staying at the Adina hotel in Berlin.
The tour has been fantastic with all of the hotels and train transport being supurb.
Thanks very much for booking the seats on the trains - it really was necessary as the 1st class coach was full on both trains and those without seat bookings had to sit elsewhere.

As you are aware we are seasoned travellers and we are aware of the tricks being use to extort money out of tourists. But in Prague this was taken to a new level and I just want to inform you of some of methods used while in Prague so that that maybe you can warn your other clients about:

  • Taxi from the station to the hotel - the taxi people at the station with the 'yellow taxi's' have a racket going, They show you a card with set fares and tell you how much you will pay 680 Karona in our case (or about 27 euro's). I thought this was a bit much bit it all seemed very official so I had to pay that amount.
  • Taxi from the hotel back to the station - the hotel ordered a taxi for me and the cost was only 250 Karona. I was overcharged more than double on the trip from the station.
  • Coffee and cake - We had coffee and cake over the road from the hotel. I never checked the prices properly before we ordered and when the bill came they had charged me 718 Karona (or about 28 euros) for 1 coke, 1 coffee, 2 pieces of cake and a bottle of water. Then they still kept the change from 800 Karona. The normal price for this is about 250 to 300 Karona.
  • Foreign exchange 'bank machines' (auto tellers near the foreign exchange desks at the station and around the city) - you think these are proper these ATM's and some even have the CITI bank logo but they will give you about 10% less on the exchange rate compared to using a proper bank's auto teller. (eg the rate to the pound was about 31 Karona and this machine only gave me about 27.8 Karona.
  • Drug addicts around and the old city and Wenceslas square - beware of these people as you can quickly get into nasty situations.
  • Washing of clothes at the hotel - we asked for a rate per item and they said they couldn't provide one. When we got the 8 items back the price they charged seemed to be on the high side. Insist on a rate per item before you send items to be washed.

I hope this helps other customers of yours from becoming victims.

Kind regards
Clive R.


August 2012: 4 week Customized Rail Tour

Thomas (and Michaela),

Vielen dank für Planung eine vollkommene Reise Deutschlands.
Es war eine wunderbare Tour.
(I am still working on learning German and hope I will be able to carry on a conversation next time we are in Germany. People spoke a little too fast for me this time.)

We truly loved every minute of our trip (even when Herr Hocher scolded us for being late—he did say he forgave us). The hotels and their locations in the old cities within walking distance of each Bahnhof made every place we visited enjoyable and we miss the wonderful breakfasts served at each one. The guided tours you recommended were exactly what we wanted and the walking, boat and bus tours we did independently gave us the feeling that we had really visited each city. Everywhere we went people were truly kind and helpful. Every time we stopped on a corner and pulled out our Stadtplan, someone would immediately walk up to us and ask if they could help us find something. One person rode on the subway with us and walked us out the correct exit to the street we were looking for. Another person carried a suitcase for us when our train had been delayed and we were running underground to the other track to catch the connecting train, which was already blowing its whistle. A young man on the train offered to check the internet on his phone to find out how long we would have to wait at the next station if we missed that connection. When we went to Donaueschingen we were supposed to change trains at Neustadt. We got off there and a man who worked for the railroad counting people riding the train told us to get back on as there was no connecting train due to construction and we needed to stay on to get to our destination. (It was one of those signs at the station which I could not translate.) The train was small and full of school children on a field trip. The man invited us to sit with him in the first class car and he gave us a lot of history of the area while we were riding. The staff people at every hotel were also very helpful. We met a couple while at dinner at the winery in Würzburg, shared a bottle of wine, discussed politics and exchanged emails. A very fun evening.

It seemed like every other day we were saying, “This is our favorite hotel, this is our favorite city, this is our favorite scenery.” I guess that comes down to everything for the entire 26 days of our trip was our favorite. We are recommending your website to everyone who asks and we definitely want to return to Germany. If ToEurope branches out and begins planning independent tours of other countries, we want to be the first to know!

Thank you again. I am attaching a few of our 400+ pictures.
Mit freundlichen Gruessen

George and Dolores S.
United States of America


August 2012: 8-Day Luther Rail Tour


I meant to email you after we got back home and let you know how much we enjoyed our trip! The weather was really great except for a couple of short rain showers and the cooler temperatures were such a nice change from this hot summer we've had. The hotels you chose for us were perfect and so close to everything. The guides that took us around were great! I feel so lucky that we found you to help plan our trip and make it a wonderful experience. Everything clicked right along--no problem getting our train tickets, meeting with the guides and finding our way around, and your tips were most helpful. We were pleasantly surprised at how much we loved the parts of East Germany we visited.

Thank you again for your expertise!

Pam S.
Belleville, IL
United States of America


August 2012: 9-Day Bavaria, Innsbruck, Lake Constance Rail Tour

Dear Thomas,

First of all I would like to wish you and your loved ones a healthy,
happy and prosperous New Year-2013!!!

I had booked the 9 day Bavaria, Innsbruck, Lake Constance Rail Tour with you for Aug. 19-Sept.27, 2012. My husband and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful experience we had. Your tour was planned out perfectly, effectively and efficiently. Travelling by train was very
easy and very picturesque as we travelled from one place to another.

All the hotels and buffet breakfasts were completely amazing. The locations of our hotels were located conviently in close proximity to the rail stations. Your detailed maps, information of each place visited, tickets for entrances to the various castles, museums and
tours made our walking tour pleasurable as we were able to travel independently and at our leisure enjoying the sites of each place. Thank you Thomas, for all your advice, patience and help. Hope to be able to plan more trips with you in the near future.

Our heartfelt thanks and best regards

Marianne and Joseph G.


August 2012: 7-Day Romantic Road Self Drive Tour

Hi Thomas,

I wanted to thank you so much for helping us put together the trip of a lifetime. You and your staff were very friendly, helpful and efficient. Everything was perfect from the rental car to the hotel accommodations and tours. We didn't have any problems with the vouchers and all the hotels that you booked for us were in great locations (central or very close.) Our favorite was Hotel Spitzweg in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Walter, the proprietor, was so much fun to talk to during breakfast and he was very helpful with directions and tips on sites to see in town. The timing was perfect, we encountered many local festivals, a wine festival in Wurzburg, the Herbst-Plarrer (mini Oktoberfest) in Augsburg and a grand fireworks display in Heidelberg commemorating a seige during the 30 years war. This provided us with a great opportunity to experience Bavarian culture and interact with the town locals. We probably would not have had any of these opportunities had we decided to go on a more scripted bus or train tour. I highly recommend the Romantic Road self-drive tour with rental car to anyone with a spirit for adventure. My advice to travelers, spend the extra money to upgrade to an Audi - you won't regret it. Thomas I loved this rental car and enjoyed driving the autobahn and cruising the country roads. Thanks for the tip on the alpine roads through Fussen and Reutte on the way to Linderhof palace, it was quite scenic and enjoyable. We have some great pictures!

Thank you again for helping us put together this trip. We hope to see Germany again some day and if we do we'll certainly book through To Europe Tours!

Mark C. and Victoria S.


August 2012: 5-Days Romantic Road Self-Drive Tour

Dear Thomas,

Just to say we thoroughly enjoyed our trip, the weather was lovely and the towns and villages very pretty and interesting. We especially liked the Hotel Spitzweg and the charming owner. The car was great, and the SAT NAV fantastic!!! Have not used one before but just great to whizz into a town and be taken to the door. All in all, a great trip and thank you again for organising everything for us.

Anne H.


August 2012: 8-Day Bavaria & Heidelberg Circle Self-Drive tour

Dear Thomas,

I would like to thank you for setting up such a great tour. My husband and I had an unforgetable time in Germany. Germany is such a beautiful country. We look forward to going back to some of the smaller towns, we didn't seem to have enough time in. Once again thank you.


Donna C.
Shirley, NewYork
United States of America


July 2012: 8-Day Romantic & Castle Road

Dear Thomas,

Than you very much for the trip arrangement. We really like it and had a good time.
I have shared this experience with my colleagues.

Maybe you will get some inquiry and continue to provide good service to my friends.

Thank you!

Harrison L.
San Francisco
United States of America


July 2012: 5-Days Europe for lovers

Hi Thomas

Just a quick email to let you know we are back from our holidays and would like you to know the part that you organized on our behalf went well and all details carried through perfectly as you planned for us.

We had a wonderful time and would have no hesitation in using you again if the need arises and would recommend you to anyone that asks.

Best Wishes

Anne K.
South Australia


July 2012: Customized Rail tour: Rhine Cruise, Cologne, Paris

Thank you for arranging my grandson and my trip to Berlin, the Rhein, Koln and train to Paris.
All was very nice, comfortable and easy to find.
We appreciate your efforts


Lisa E.


June 2012: Customized Rail tour: Rhine Cruise, Black Forest, Romantic Road

Hello Thomas,

My daughter and I had a wonderful time in Germany. Thank you for organizing the itinerary and the rail tickets. It was a comfort having all of that prepared for us. We especially enjoyed the Rhine River cruise, the royal castle tours in Bavaria, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber (the Nightwatchman was very entertaining!) All the hotel accommodations were nice, clean, and the staff was friendly. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit Nuremburg, because there was not enough time and we decided to spend more time in Munich. We will have to come back another time for that. The weather was a bit wet during our trip, but that did not take away one bit of our enjoyment of this wonderful experience. As a bonus, we were in Wuerzburg when Germany beat Greece in the Euro Soccer match. We got to experience how Germans celebrate a victory. Thank you again.

Lorraine & Olivia C.
Salt Lake City, UT
United States of America


June 2012: 11-Day Customized Rail- & Self-drive Combination tour from Amsterdam to Vienna


We are back from our Europe trip and wanted to drop a short note to say “thanks” for all of your help and guidance. We were so very happy with everything that you put together for us – it made the trip very special and virtually stress-free!!
Thanks again!

Have a great summer!!!!

Mike and Debbie F.
United States of America


June 2012: 9-Day German Highlights: 1st-class Rail & Cruise

Hello Thomas,

We got back home on the 19th June.
Just wanted to say thanks for putting together an excellent tour package. Everything worked like a charm. There was that little snag at Frankfurt airport pickup. But, it was taken care of with one phone call. Hotels were all conveniently located, staff at all hotels were cordial and friendly. We have no complaints at all. We will contact you again for our next Europe trip.
Good luck and God bless,

Ashok and Kiyoko K.
Honolulu, HI, USA and Yokohama, Japan


June 2012: (extended) 5-Day 1st-class Paris to Vienna Rail tour

Dear Thomas ...

It could not have been better.

With deep thanks, I write to say that I was very, very impressed by all the hotels and the delightful mix of styles as well as by all the excellent trains and by having the needed vouchers. All went smoothly and we enjoyed every minute.

Our only problems were issues related to living in the States and not in Europe. I just thought you might find them amusing:

We don't have lovely trains like you do. In fact, we don't use the trains we have here. On the trip we always worried about whether we'd find the correct train. Only once did we learn, after the train left the station, that we were to be on a train that was in front of the train we were on. But it wasn't any problem. Just funny.

We had no idea how to use the trams. The one time we tried, a kind man saw our struggle. He entered the necessary information and money. Then he absolutely would not accept our giving him money for what he spent. That was too kind.

We didn't try the Metro because translating the signs would have been too difficult. Only I, the adventurer, was willing to try.

Best wishes with all your future endeavors....

Caryn F.
Cleveland, OH
United States of America


June 2012: 9-Day German Highlights: 1st-class Rail & Cruise


Back a week now from our tour of Germany and thought I'd give you a summary of how it went:

1. Travel Arrangements: Everything first class. Trains, taxis all on time. Only hiccup - the train to Heidelberg broke down for an hour outside Stuttgart. Received a voucher to claim compensation but for E5.00 couldn't be bothered filling in the form. (It was in German anyway so I didn't understand it!)

2. Rudesheim: Great hotel with attentive staff. When we left hotel it was raining so receptionist arranged for one of the staff to run us to the railway station in the hotel mini-bus. Wonderful service!
On the Rhine boat trip paid extra to go on to Koblenz as proprietor of R. Schloss advised us that there was not much to see at St Goar for 3 hours. Nice day - good trip.

3.Wurzburg: Novotel was fine with good breakfast. Taxi to and from hotel was only E5.50

4.Rothenburg ob der Tauber: Having read all the good reviews found the Hotel Spitzweg disappointing. We were on the top floor in a small room and had to walk up three floors with suitcase. It didn't help that it was a very cool day and no heating. The proprietor gave us a front door key because even at 6:00pm we had to let ourselves in. The place was deserted. The same @ 11:00pm. Breakfast was also disappointing. A set plate of cold meat and cheeses - nothing hot. This is purely a personal observation as my wife who eats healthily found it OK. The Nightwatchman tour was good but somewhat spoiled by 40/50 American 10 year olds who kept (to his annoyance) interrupting him.

5.Nurnburg: Good hotel. Could have spent an extra day here as didn't have time to see Railway or German Museums.

6. Munich: Kings Hotel very good. Again could have done with an extra day as didn't have time to visit all the museums we wished. Spent too long in the Residenz and not all the hop on/off buses do the full tour out to the Nymphenburg palace. Good trip the following day on the coach tour - best weather of the week.

7. Heidelberg: Another good hotel with room overlooking the river. A beautiful old town but with too many shops!

The museum entrance card was particularly good value as were the lounges at the main railway stations. All in all we enjoyed our holiday very much.

Kind Regards

Robert M
Manchester, England
United Kingdom


May 2012: (Customized) 9-day Germany & Austria Rail Circle Tour from/to Paris

Hi Thomas,

Just want to say thank you for your patience, help and advice. I have been back to Singapore since 3 weeks ago. I enjoyed the trip which you planned for me. The hotels were very comfortable and safe and the tours were great. The only hiccup that I met was I missed my train from Hiedelberg to Paris. It was my fault as I misread the timing. Other than that, the overall trip was fun. If I am going to do Romantic road, I will certainly come to you again.


Constance T.


May 2012: (extended) 7-Day Bavaria Rail tour & Rhine River Cruise

Hi Thomas

Home again. We had an amazing time thanks to you and your expertise. Everything went well. I'll try and have my daughter help post some of the many pictures.

Best regards

Monica and Emily B.
Simi Valley, CA
United States of America


May 2012: (extended) Wine Sampler Rail tour

I wanted to send you a note to say Thank You for making our Rhine trip so wonderful last week.

My husband had never experienced train travel before, and was in awe of how smoothly the German train system worked.
We really enjoyed travelling by train and the tickets you provided allowed for a stress free vacation. It was fun to be able to get off the train and visit any other towns we were interested in exploring.

The hotel choices were perfect and the breakfasts at the Hilton Mainz and the Novotel were the best due to their many choices (both hot and cold entrees)

Our favorite hotels were the Hotel Hollander in Heidelberg (the view of the river was quite beautiful) and the Ruedesheimer Schloss (a great room with a balcony above the restaurant).
I think it’s because they were smaller and more quaint. And, those were 2 of our favorite towns.

The Black Forest Circle tour was breathtaking in it’s beauty. It was nice to see that area of Germany by train to take it all in.
Triberg was our favorite town on that excursion and the hills gave us quite a workout.

The Rhine River cruise was a perfect way to end the vacation and I’m so glad we stopped at all 3 towns of Oberwesel, St. Goar and Bacharach.

Thank you for your itinerary on how to make that happen.

And a huge thank you for helping to make our Rhine vacation/Black Forest vacation one of the best trips we’ve had.

I look forward to working with you again, as we’ll be interested in Munich, Bavaria and Austria.
I’m hoping for this to happen next May of 2013.

Tracy and Jeff W.
Golden Valley, MN
United States of America


May 2012: Customized Rail Tour Prague to Budapest

Dear Thomas,

We want to let you know how our trip to the Czech Rep., Austria, Slovakia and Hungary went. Well, as the previous two tours you put together for us this was also " Fantastic" . Prague. Linz, Graz, Vienna, Bratislava, Gyor, Budapest and Eger were all beautiful cities.
The hotels in these cities were very good, especially the "Apartment" in Budapest. The location of the hotels were very good. The rail tickets worked out just fine.

The Tours you provided in Prague, Vienna and Budapest were very good, enabling us to see the most beautiful parts of these cities, especially the All day Danube Valley Tour.

The information sheets provided made our trip very easy.

Thomas, we want to Thank You for helping us have another " Fantastic" vacation. We look forward to using you again in the future,

Thank You !

Jerry, Janet, & Timothy M.
Minneapolis, Mn.
United States of America


April 2012: 7-day Romantic Road Self-drive tour 2012

Liebe Herr Giesick,

Thank you for arranging our tour for the Romantic Strasse 28 April. My husband and I had a very nice holiday and would like to thank you for the excellent arrangements. Germany is so beautiful and we were sad to come home! :o)

Thank you again and we will recommend your travel company to our friends, who are planning a trip to Germany in September.

Cheers from sunny Farmington Hills.

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Atentamente / Meilleures salutations,

Lisa McP.
Farmington Hills, MI
United States of America


December 2011: 7-Day Christmas Classic Rail Circle Tour 2011

Hello Thomas,

On behalf of my friend Rosina and myself we just want to say what a fantastic holiday we had...Thanks so much for being so helpful with quieries while there and being very patient with us...the whole trip was just wonderful and we will never forget it..We DID love Heildleberg..we wish we have had more time there to explore, it was gorgeous...apart from the flue bothering me it was perfect...Anyway thanks again and we are recommending the company/tours to all our friends...Many thanks and have a wonderful Christmas.

Moira J. and Rosina H.
Washington D.C.
United States of America


December 2011: (Extended) 8-Day Christmas Magic Tour 2011

Hi Thomas,

I just wanted to let you know that Carrie and I had great time on our vacation. Germany is a very beautiful country and Munich is the now my favorite city. The architecture there is beautiful! We loved the beer gardens we visited all three while in Munich. I feel deprived back in the US because your beer is so good there, especially the liter steins...Had a few of them. The Christmas markets in every town were great! It was like 9 days of Christmas. The gleuwein was just as good as the beer if not better and it warmed us right up. The trains were great, clean, comfortable and prompt.

The weather was as expected and we got a nice snow shower while in Salzburg. We really enjoyed Salzburg and I did not realize this was where the sound of music took place... This is my mothers favorite movie and she used to force me to watch as a child. Carrie and I were most impressed with Rothenburg! The hotel we stayed in was great! The family who owned the place was very accommodating! While I am on this topic, all hotels were very nice and easy to get to.

The night watchman tour was great! We even bought his DVD to show our family. Carrie is an avid photographer and she took about 800 pictures! Once we get some time to sort through we will post on your Facebook. I don't think this email can do justice in my explaining of what a great time we had. This was the best December and Christmas season of our lives! We will definitely return to time in the spring! Thanks again for all your help. I have recommend your site to friends and family!
Kind Regards,

Marc & Carrie D.
New Haven
Connecticut, USA


December 2011: (extended) Bavaria Self-drive tour 2011

Good morning Thomas,

All the best for a prosperous and a blessed 2012! We are back in South Africa after a fabulous time in Germany and Ireland! On behalf of my husband and myself we just wanted to thank you for an amazing holiday in Germany! We had no problems, hick-ups or any kind of discomfort anywhere. All the arrangements were absolutely perfect! The accommodation selected was in every case superb and the sights selected were fantastic – We really had such a good time! We only got back the feedback form on the voucher at the hotel in Würzburg – would you like us to provide any additional comments on the other accommodation should we have any Just a quick couple of notes on some of the special people we met on our trip:
- On our visit to the New Residency in Bamberg we were taken on a guided tour, however we were told that the tour is only presented in German. As myself and Carl were the only two on the tour the guide made a special exemption and presented the tour in English which we greatly appreciated. Her English was very good and her knowledge, passion and lovely demeanor ensured that we had a fantastic visit to such a special place. Unfortunately I cannot remember her name.
- All the staff we had met at the hotel in Würzburg were fantastic – they made us feel very at home!
- Herr Hocher was a very gracious host who welcomed us like family into his lovely hotel. He was so friendly and very helpful!
- Also, a special mention to Avis at the Frankfurt Airport – their service was fantastic and everyone was again very friendly and helpful! I have been recommending To Europe here in South Africa to anyone who wishes to visit Germany – your arrangements were all of such an incredibly high standard, ensuring a problem-free and very special holiday!
Vielen, vielen Dank Thomas!

Kind regards,
Karien E.
Sunninghill, South Africa


December 2011: (extended) 7-Day Christmas Rail Circle Tour 2011

Hello Thomas,

As you predicted I really enjoyed Heidelberg, a great place to finish my German Christmas market tour. I was lucky to enjoy Heidelberg's first snow this winter...and the hotel was beautiful...I had a balcony room at the front overlooking the bridge and river!
I will certainly recommend your services to others.
Thank you and happy Christmas

Robyn M.


December 2011: (Adjusted) Christmas Market Rail tour

Dear Thomas,

Thank you so much! I have had a great time on this tour and your extra information and instructions have been so useful. I did not encountered any problems. I particularly loved the coziness and ambience of the hotels in Lubeck and Nurnberg. The Hotel was so easy to get from the station again thanks to your instructions and so central for everything (although I barely scratched the top of Berlin). The one here in Regensborg is also very convenient and while in a interesting building it is not among my favourites but possibly only because my favourites have been so charming and personal. Thank you again Thomas, for helping to make my holiday so wonderful. I will be back in touch next time I am coming over and I will be recommending you to my friends.

Christine R.


October 2011: Romantic Road, Lake Constance & Black Forest Self-drive Tour

Hello Thomas,

We just got home yesterday and wanted you to know that everything was WONDERFUL!! We had such a great time and took tons of photos... we will add some to your site. The hotels were all very nice and charming...we loved the owner!! It was a perfect vacation and I say "Thank You" once again for getting it so right!!

Cindy A.
Philadelphia, PA
United States of America


October 2011: (Extended) Bavaria Self-drive Tour

Hi Thomas!

We've been around the world but have never had such a superb vacation as the one you planned for us!! We're in Romrod getting ready to head for home and have been reminiscing about our fabulous vacation in Deutschland!! We can't thank you enough for the attention to detail that you arranged for us! We never expected to have the accommodations that you made for us. Every hotel has been better than the last one! We can't wait to plan another vacation with you!
Most appreciably yours,

Sandy and Bruce K.
Los Angeles, CA
United States of America


October 2011: (Extended) Rome to Paris 1st-class Rail Tour

Dear Thomas,

I would like to update you that we have smoothly made our way from Rome through the 7-day First-Class Rail Tour of Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Heidelberg and onward through Colmar, Ribeauville and have finally arrived in Paris. Thank you very much for all the wonderful arrangements that you have very well organised. It was a very pleasant trip and the weather was also kind. Grateful and thankful!

Ming Sue K.


September 2011: 7-Day Bavaria Rail tour & Rhine River Cruise

We are back from our month long European vacation including the 7 wonderful days you coordinated for us Thomas. I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job. Everything went without any problems. Interestingly, we ran into some other Canadians who were using your services and were very pleased with the details of their tour as well. Thanks again.

Bill and Donna D.
Alberta/ Canada


September 2011: (Extended) German Highlights: 1st-class Rail & Cruise

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for putting together a great holiday for our group. It was an exceptional selection of accommodations, venues and train travel especially the first class level provided. We had only one issue with travel between Munich and Vienna with the weekend traffic but really it was not an inconvenience.

We would highly recommend your service again as we had many highlights and memories that will be difficult to match on future trips.
It was a pleasure doing business with you and your staff.

Stephen W.
Toronto, Canada


September 2011: (Adjusted) Paris to Rome Rail Tour

Hello Thomas,

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know about our holiday. We enjoyed it thoroughly, especially Heidelberg and Munich. All hotels were lovely, although the hotel in Paris, was not as good as the other ones in Germany and Italy. Thank you for all your help and I will definitely be in contact next time we travel to Europe. We will definitely be going back to Heidelberg!
Thank you,

Jodie M.
Highfields, QLD


September 2011: (Extended) German Highlights: 1st-class Rail & Cruise

Dear Thomas,

Ken and I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Germany and Austria last month. We want to thank you for all the arrangements and helpful information. We were pleased with all the hotels and the locations were excellent just as you described. We did very well with the trains. All the connections went smoothly and the personal timetables were very helpful.

We had only a couple of minor disappointments which might be worth sharing. Both were in Nuremberg. The Handwerkerhof seems to have deteriorated into a few tourist trinket shops and cafes. We saw no craft workshops. We were also not impressed with the Barfüsser for dinner. (Fortunately we found many other opportunities to enjoy wonderful sausages, sauerkraut, potato dumplings, sauerbrauten, spätzle and good beer throughout our trip). The remainder of our Nuremburg experience was wonderful and from Koenigstor to Kaiserburg we enjoyed the historic sights. I have attached a photo taken in our family village of Kocherstetten. The house was painted by a relative. You might see me with my cousin Alfred Werner in the lower right corner. Again, many thanks for your good work. We will happily recommend them to anyone who wishes to travel by train or car in your part of the world. All our best wishes for your continued success!

Susan and Ken T.
Fort Wayne, IN
United States of America


September 2011: 9-Day German Highlights: 1st-class Rail & Cruise

Hello Thomas,

I just want to email you to say how much we enjoyed our tour of Germany with your company.

Colleen H.


August 2011: (Extended) 4-Day Caste Road & Rhine River Cruise

Hi Thomas,
Well, the holiday is over...but we have a lifetime of memories to cherish!!! Thanks so much for your help and support, providing all the information we needed for our wonderful 4day tour of the Rhine Valley. The accommodation was superb and your maps and information were informative and easy to follow. We had a wonderful time exploring the many small towns along the river and marveled at the history and beauty that we encountered. Also the time we had in Frankfurt was bonus time for us and at the end of our tour so we certainly enjoyed every minute.

Thank you once again and we will happily be recommending your site to other travellers and look forward to using your service when we next travel.
Kind regards,

Sonia and Bernard M.
Chelsea, Vic


August 2011: Central Germany (customized) Family Rail Tour

Hi Thomas,

I would like to take the time to thank you for your help in organizing our vacation. It was a truly great experience. Accommodations and food were all first class. I am already thinking of taking a longer vacation in Europe next year.
I hope to talk to you soon to plan our next adventure.
Thanks again

Dave B.
Ottawa, Canada


August 2011: (Customized) Romantic Road Self-drive tour


Nancy and I would like to thank you for your help in making all the arrangements for our trip. It was so much more than we expected. The hotels were first class as well as the car. We were extremely impressed with the extras that you booked for us. The Mozart dinner was the highlight of the trip. You did a fantastic job, made everything so easy. We cannot thank you enough.
Thanks again,

Ron and Nancy B.
Sarasota, FL
United States of America


July 2011: 7-Day Heidelberg & Bavria Rail Circle tour


I wanted to thank you for arranging our tour. It was all we could have hoped for and more. It was a trip to remember, especially since we were traveling for our 20th wedding anniversary.

From the moment we stepped onto the first train to Wurzburg from Frankfurt airport to our final train from Mainz, every detail was perfect and the itinerary was exactly as advertised. Your assistance was greatly appreciated. Easy, well-planned logistics make for a fantastic travel experience. Well done!
Our favorite town was Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Absolutely beautiful! The Hotel Spitzweg was a wonderful place to stay. Heidelberg was a close second. Munich is a great city - we made it to the Hofbrauhaus and to the top of the Olympic Tower. Each town on the Romantic Road we visited gave us great memories. Every castle or residence was unique. The region's history and architecture added so much to our trip. Neuschwanstein and Linderhof were unbelievable!
Please call on us for a testimonial if you ever need one. We have already started recommending To Europe to our friends and family. Of course, we hope to return to Europe someday soon.
Again, many thanks for exceeding our expectations.

Bryan and Susan B.
Summerville, South Carolina
United States of America


July 2011: 7-Day Romantic Road Avis Rental Car Tour

Dear Mr. Giesick,

I wish to thank you very much for your wonderful work organizing our 7 Day Romantic Road Avis Rental Car Tour. On arrival to Frankfurt on 8th July we have been upgraded to group F car (Volvo S80 D5). It was really nice surprise. All our hotel accommodations have been great and despite quite busy schedule we could manage to sightseeing majority of planned attractions. The pearls of our tour, not surprisingly I presume, have been the castle Neuschwanstein and city Rothenburg ob der Tauber.
Thank you for our great tour!

M. Family
Montrose Pietermaritz
South Africa


July 2011: (Extended) 5-Day Romantic Road Coach Tour

Dear Thomas,

We have a spare hour or two here in Strasbourg while we wait for our train to Paris, and then the long flight to Hong Kong (for three nights) before our final flight home to Brisbane. Thought we might drop you a quick line to say how much we appreciated the arrangements you made for us in Europe, and how much we enjoyed our stay here. All the hotels were very suitable and very well located for touring each city on foot. All the hotel staff were friendly and very helpful with touring maps, advice on things to see etc. The highlight of our tour was the Romantic Road and the visit to Rothenburg en der Tauber.

We had a wonderful time touring the city on foot during the day, and of course the tour with the Nightwatchman was something special. We also enjoyed the visits to the two castles and will remember the whole experience for many years to come.

Thank you again for your help with hotels, some travel (the bus from Prague to Nuremberg was spot on), and of course the Romantic Road tour. We will be pleased to recommend your company to all of our friends and colleagues who may one day wish to visit Europe.
Kind regards

Des and Glenda D.


June 2011: 6-Day Rothenburg, Heidelberg & Rhine River Cruise Package

Dear Thomas,

I thought we should let you know how much we enjoyed our Germany vacation. Everything worked like the proverbial Swiss watch. The manager/owner of the hotel in Rudesheim am Rhine was particularly helpful and friendly. Peter M. was the person who recommended you to us and we have thanked him many times. Also, you should know we have been recommending you to all our friends. Thanks again Thomas.

Gary D.
Vancouver, Canada


June 2011: 7-day Amsterdam to Budapest 1st-class Rail tour

Dear Mr. Giesick,

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the tour from Amsterdam to Budapest which you arranged for us. The hotels were comfortable, clean, and convenient. The train service was efficient, and the tours were excellent. The hotel room in Amsterdam was small, but it was clean, comfortable, and central. I only mention this as a comparison to the other hotels; it is not a complaint. I was a bit dubious about the Sound of Music tour and we almost didn't go. I am glad we decided not to skip it. We and the Reagans agree that it was one of the highlights of the trip. The guide was exceptionally good, and the scenery on the out of town portion was wonderful! We will recommend your service to anyone planning a trip to Europe, and we will use your company again if the opportunity arises. Thank you for a wonderful trip.

Wayne and Suellen B.
Evans, GA
United States of America


June 2011: 8-Day Bavaria & Heidelberg Circle Self-drive tour

Dear Tom,

thanks so much for your help while we were in Germany. The trip was wonderful and my granddaughters and I had a great time together. The car turned out to be very good on gas so I was worried over nothing. Our favorite was Rottenburg. Thanks again.

Karen P.
Chicago, Il
United States of America


June 2011: (Extended) 9-Day Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg Tour

Thank you so much Thomas!

My husband and I did the Romantic Road Tour. It was fabulous! One city was better than the next! Your hotels were first rate, very convenient locations, and our activities planned were awesome! I thought it was a great value as well. It was so nice to have everything planned and yet not have to travel with an actual tour. Thomas actually customized some things for us, adding cities and excursions we wanted to see. It was perfect, I cannot give enough positive feedback. I will be posting pictures soon, we absolutely loved Germany-Austria and loved M18662 for making it such and easy wonderful experience!

Angela J.
Chicago, IL
United States of America


June 2011: Custom made Germany & Austria Honeymoon Tour

Dear Thomas!

It is just a few days since we came back from the most splendid trip ever to get back into our new routine, into our new life. We just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of our heart for being our friend and guide and plan our travel through sights and sounds of Germany & Austria.

It is a rare occasion of transforming a perception, vision, ideas into reality. When Vrush and I started to imagine a honeymoon we would like to have, it was just a hypothetical idea with some ideas and internet research. But now after having gone through it, we couldn’t be more amazed as to how perfectly real our idea was!!

It is hard for us to describe how the trip was and surely words would fall short. But I will take a shot anyway. It couldn’t get more fulfilling experience.

Thanks to the crisp Rhine waters, quite roads, super fantastic cars, exquisite meat & trout preparations, supreme beer, warmth of family run hotels, clear blue skies and occasionally rainy when our mood demanded, the serenity of the alps, the thrill of speedy autobahns, the royal feel, thanks to his majesty Ludwig of Bavaria, the inspiring & soul-touching philharmonic, the sound of silence and the utter bliss at the summit (Hafelekar), the vibrancy of the street side music & café’s, the leisure of taking countless pictures at will (thanks to rental car), the communication without language, the extraordinary hospitality & friendliness, …. ….. ….. ….

And truly a huge number of item we could enlist. Not only we have a big bag of wonderful memories we could cherish, but a broadened perspective of the European grandeur and we surely would be wishing to visit Europe often. And we now know who would help us in our future endeavors. Thank you so much for everything once again.

Warm regards,

Vrushali & Mohit
Pune, India


June 2011: 9-Day German Highlights 1st-class Rail tour

Dear Mr. Giesick,
To Europe

My husband and I just returned from your 9 day German Highlights 1st Class Rail Tour. It was wonderful. The information you provided prior to and during the trip was complete and accurate. The hotels were all convenient to the rail station, immaculate and welcoming. The day tours included were very professional and informative. Your suggestions for other activities were perfect. I highly recommend this tour to all who would like the reassurance of accommodations and transportation, but the freedom to pursue their own interests and at their own pace. I thank you and your staff for a splendid vacation and hope for your continued success in all your endeavors.

Marie McD.
Accord, NY
United States of America


June 2011: (Adjusted) 7-Day Heidelberg / Bavaria Rail Circle tour

wanted to get back to you with some follow up. we had a wonderful time, everything was well organized, no problems at all. highly recommend you and will plan to travel with you again next time we go to europe.


claudia g.
Greenville, NC
United States of America


June 2011: 7-Day Gourmet & Castle Self-drive tour

Hi Thomas

Terry & I are now in Hamburg and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful places we have seen and stayed in ! We had a fabulous time and would like to advise that both Castle Waldeck and Schlob Petershagen were both wonderful experiences. Both hotels had excellent facilities and wonderful staff, all be it, both very different experiences. When we arrived at Schlob Petershagen, we were greeted by name and shown a great deal of hospitality which made our stay very personal, thank you. I believe we were true to your itinerary and visited each and every one of the itinerary suggestions. Travelling with a GPS is certainly the best way to travel and I will never attempt to travel any other way in future ! On arrival into Bremen we had a most enjoyable morning and on arrival at the Park Hotel, we were absolutely astonished at the venue for our last evening on tour! Oh what a wonderful way to end a fabulous week, once again we would like to thank you for your attention to detail and for your precise planning on all accounts. I am yet to put my documents together for our train trip next week but will do so over the week. If I have any questions, I will contact you, but would suggest that from the week we have just had, every last detail will be in place for us ! Our travel to Germany has been very rewarding and we will certainly be passing on our travel experiences to friends and family!


Sharon & Terry
Baulkham Hills, NSW


May 2011 (Extended) 9-Day Day German Highlights 1st-class Rail Tour

Hi Thomas,

We just arrived back in Canada from our vacation. We had an amazing time. All of us want to thank you for making our trip to Germany so memorable. Everything was in order - all the trains, the hotels, tours, transportation, etc. Everything worked like clockwork - we had absolutely no issues and everyone at the hotels were very friendly and accomodating. We really enjoyed the itinerary you put together for us - our favorite places were the small historic towns. We loved Rudesheim and the Rhine River Cruise, Wurtzberg, Rothenberg, Heidelburg, the day trips from Munich to the castles and the Sound of Music Tour. We really enjoyed Berlin as well - you recommendations really came in handy, We will definately use your services again on our next trip to Germany. You have our highest recommendations - thank you so much for making our vacation a vacation of a lifetime.


Adele von S.


May 2011: Custom made Austria & Switzerland 1st-class Rail Tour

Dear Thomas,

We want to let you know how our tour went to Austria & Switzerland. Well it was absolutely "FANTASTIC". The schedule worked out perfectly. The hotels locations and the hotels themselves were very good. The tours in the cities were perfect. The tours to Interlaken and Lucerne were terrific and absolutely beautiful, especially the Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe. Traveling by rail in Austria & Switzerland work out very good like it was in our trip to Germany. The cities we visited and the countryside was absolutely beautiful. Thomas, let us know if you would like any more input on this tour. We would be very glad to do this. Thank you very much for providing us with a "Fantastic" vacation. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Best regards,

Jerry, Janet & Tim M.
Minneapolis, United States


May 2011: (Extended) 9-Day Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg tour

Hi Thomas,

I just want to thank you again for helping me plan a truly wonderful trip for my family. We all enjoyed the trip very much. It was one of the most successful trips we have ever made. We have already spread our words about you in our family and I have no doubts in recommending you to anyone who wants to visit Europe in the future. It was great working with you and I look forward in planning the next one with you again in the near future.


Susanna Y. and family
Toronto, Canada


March 2011: 12-Day Germany Big Circle Private Driver Guide Tour

Dear Thomas,

I would like to thank you for all that you did for our family. The tour was fantastic and without your planning and making all of the arrangements we would have had a much different tour. Markus was absolutely the best guide. We all had a wonderful trip and will never forget our time in Germany. Thanks again for making our trip fabulous.


Michelle M.
Currently: Kazakhstan


February 2011: 7-Day German Fairy Tale Rail Tour

Hi Thomas,

we are back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Peter and I had a wonderful experience with all the meticulous planning of the rail schedule and accommodation package from you. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly with the 7D Fairy Tale Route. We had so much exceptionally good German food in every cities and towns, and I must say, the shopping was great. There were sales and great offers everywhere we went. I will write more later. Just want to give you a big hug and to say 'Thank You'.

T. Chee Wah
Kuala Lumpur


January 2011: 9-Day Bavaria, Rothenburg & Salzburg Rail Circle Tour

Dear Mr. Giesick,

We would like to thank you for the preparations for our trip. All of the hotels were excellent. We very much enjoyed the Castle Tour and we had no problems following the train schedules. It was enjoyable for us to be in the land of our Bavarian heritage. We will definitely recommend to any of our friends and relatives who are planning to travel to Europe.

Brian, Joan, and Russell F.
Chicago, IL
United States of America


January 2011: 4-Day Custom made Franconia Rail Tour

Dear Thomas,

Just to let you know that both Boris and I very much appreciated the efforts you made on our behalf in putting together our tour package. It was excellent. The hotel in Bamberg was wonderful. Thank you again for your attention to these details.

Best Regards,

Brian A.
Americus, GA
United States of America


December 2010: (Adjusted) 5-Day Paris to Vienna 1st-class Rail tour

Dear Thomas

My sister and I have recently returned from our European Trip and I write to thank you for your fabulous assistance with our Germany Adventure. Every train, hotel or tour you booked for us was fantastic. All your Google Map directions, train details and timetables were 100% accurate and made our trip so easy and enjoyable. We will highly recommend you to our friends and my sister has put positive feedback concerning your company on Trip Advisor.

Thanks again for your detailed help in the planning of our holiday and all the final details and bookings. May your year prove good and your business flourish.

Madeline B.


December 2010: 5-Day Paris to Vienna 1st-class Rail tour

Dear Thomas,

Wish you a happy new year! More importantly, I would like to thank you for your professionalism and making our trip so memorable. Everything went according to plan! Although we are not one for stereotypes, everything that you have planned for us was of top German precision and certainly lived up (if not exceeded) our expectations. I do not think that the trip could have gone any better!

Although the snow caused a little delay here and there with the schedules, the information you have provided allowed us to easily move forward and prevent much anxiety from the stress of traveling. We enclose herewith two photos which we have taken at Linderhof Palace and of Schloss Neusweinstein for your viewing.
The snow had made the scenery more beautiful and certainly filled our journey with many unforgettable moments. Again, thank you for the wonderful trip.

Yours sincerely,

Wil and Nancy
South Africa


December 2010: 8-Day Custom made Prague to Paris Rail Tour

Dear Thomas,

We are having a wonderful time in Bavaria. The tours you arranged have all been very enjoyable. The private guide in Rothenberg was lovely. Due to bad weather we missed one of our connections and arrived late. We phoned ahead and the lady was very gracious and still gave us a lovely tour. We also enjoyed the palace tour in Wurzburg very much and made full use of our grand circle tour in Munich. Our boys loved the carriages at the palace and BMW world and Olympic park.

Today we went to Salzburg. I forgot to take the voucher but was still able to take the tour. I don't know if you need to send them anything. The tour was wonderful. Our travel on the trains has been very comfortable and we have only had a couple of minor disruptions due to bad weather. Also our accommodation has been great. German hotels certainly know how to do breakfast. We are looking forward to seeing Heidelberg and will be happy to upload some photos for you when we have some more internet capacity. Wishing you a happy new year.


Fiona M.


December 2010: 9-Day Germany & Austria Christmas Rail Tour

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for putting together such a great trip for me. I have told everyone I know how exceptional it was. I was looking up places to visit in the Germany area and wondered if you could work some magic for a Berlin, Bayreuth, Potsdam, Rothenburg, Prague and Kutna Hora tour?

Very Respectfully,

Paul L.
West Melbourne, FL
United States of America


December 2010: (Extended) 9-Day Germany & Austria Christmas Rail Tour

Dear Thomas and the entire staff. Before we go back home to the Philippines tomorrow, we just want to say a big "danke schön" for organizing such a wonderfully amazing holiday for us. We can't wait to tour with you again and will definitely recommend you to friends and family! Happy 2011 to you and your loved ones! Cheers!

Noel & Cristina
Makati, Philippines


December 2010: 8-Day 1st-class Christmas Magic Grand Tour

Dear Thomas,

I have had a wonderful time in Germany, thanks to your organization. I am on facebook and will certainly help by adding photos and some comments to your page. I will also recommend you to friends and will be back again in the spring. There is so much more to see. This trip has been a taste.

Many thanks

Jenny L.


December 2010: 8-Day Bavaria & Heidelberg Circle Self-drive tour

Thank you for a wonderful 8 days in Germany. We loved the tour and would recommend this tour to everyone. Also, do you do other areas of Europe like Germany?

Ed & Sharon K.
Rome, GA
United States of America


November 2010: Prague to Vienna Custom Tour

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for the wonderful holiday you have arranged for me. I am very grateful for your understanding and patience, I will definitely recommend to my friends and use your service again.


Alexandra L.


October 2010: (Adjusted) 7-Day Bavaria Rail tour & Rhine River Cruise

Hi Thomas,

We have safely arrived in Singapore and finally recovered from the jet lag and excitement from visiting the many beautiful places in Germany:) It is indeed an eye-opener to cruise down the romantic River Rhine surrounded by the majestic castles, walk with the night watchman at the medieval Rothenburg, climbing the forest to the enchanting Neuschwanstein, all the memorable experiences are much treasured. We thank you again for arranging such a lovely package, and somehow managed to squeeze one day in Frankfurt in between for the concert at Batschkapp - which turned out to be the most awesome show we have ever watched. We even managed to get in touch with the band members in person with precious autographs and photos:) Hope to visit more destinations in the near future. Please send our regards to your family too.

Best regards,

Shamsul L.


October 2010 / (Extended) 5-Day Romantic Road Self-drive tour

Hello Thomas,

Sorry in the delay of this email I have been meaning to write for sometime now. I just wish to thank you for the excellent tour you organized for us, it was truly an amazing experience -all the bed and breakfast/hotels where of high standard and staff were friendly (I do not rate the hotel In Munich dinning was a nightmare) and general sights along the way were well organized Although took 3 days to see the castle due to poor weather (heavy fog) so we did detour a fair bit from the original itinerary (thank god we had GPS) still staying in the allocated towns. We drove along most of the romantic road but when it turned into the highway/freeways we got off and went through more small villages which was a unique experience. All of the towns in Bavaria/South Germany are lovely but Rothernburg is our favorite. I will definitely use your company again if I am lucky to visit your homeland again I will also recommend you to anyone who's looking for a tour.


Deborah G.


October 2010: (Extended) 8-Day Bavaria & Heidelberg Circle Self-drive Tour


I just realized that I never thanked you for organizing our vacation last Oct. on the Romantic Road. My wife and myself had a great adventure while in Germany.The castles, country side the Cathedrals the residents where unbelievable. Our hotels where also very nice. Everyone spoke English nice and were very friendly. The G.P.S. on the rental car was the hot ticket for getting around. Thanks again and I will definitely recommend your company to
my friends as well.


Terry & Lucie H.
Trabuco Canyon, CA
Unites States of America


October 2010: (Extended) 7-Day Heidelberg & Bavaria Rail Circle Tour

Dear Thomas:

Sawasdee Ka! We can't thank you enough for our wonderful trip. Everything was well planned and prepared for us. We love the hotels, especially those in the small towns and those that are close to the train station. We voted Spitzweg Hotel in Rothenburg as the best for breakfast and hospitality. It's old but clean and very well-maintained. We were so impressed that the big, traditional German breakfast was brought to our table by the owner himself!! And the town is lovely. The rest of hotels are all OK, only Hilton in Bonn is a bit too far from the station. Monopol is the best for being right across the station and for their free mini-bar and WiFi.

I showed our photos to family members and you will sure get more customers soon!! Thanks again for your excellent service, Thomas. We love Germany now and would love to come back again in the future (to sleep in the castle this time!!).


Tapanee G.
Samutsakorn, Thailand


October 2010 / 5-Day Romantic Road Self-drive tour


Sue & I returned from our vacation last weekend and I thought I'd tell you how much we enjoyed the tour thru Bavaria we booked thru you. The sites were a good distance apart, not too much time spent on the highway. All the hotels you booked were wonderful, in a great location, wonderful hosts in every city (especially in Rothenburg ODT). The funny thing was in picking up the car in Frankfurt my wife commented that we came all the way to Germany and had to drive a Ford!
The car was just fine, but with all the tight spots, if I had to do it again, I would not have upgraded to a larger vehicle. We were very pleased with the tour and will recommend you to others.

Thanks for everything.

Evan R.
Mount Airy, MD
United States of America


September 2010: 4-Day Romantic Road Self-drive tour (northbound)

Dear Thomas,

My wife and I have just returned to Australia after ten weeks overseas. Part of our time included the four days Romantic Road self-drive tour you arranged for us (following e-mails will help you make some identification if necessary). I want you to know that we had a terrific time! The car was excellent (a small-car Volkswagen Something), and the hotels you booked were also excellent. They were well-located in the cities, moderately priced and gave the best of service. The daily destinations were also well-spaced, making for easy travel - a leisurely start each morning and an arrival at a convenient time. I am so glad that we booked with you; you made us feel very well cared-for.

Sincere wishes for your success,

Brian and Val S.
Camden, N.S.W.


September 2010: 7-Day Bavaria Rail Tour & Rhine River Cruise

Can't say enough about our perfect trip thru Germany! This was such a wonderful way to get a taste of Old Germany. The trip was so well planned with delightful Bavarian Hotels in great locations and good train connections. It was so nice to be at our own pace yet have a plan. There is a lot of walking on cobblestone streets and stair climbing in hotels and train stations so one must be up for the task. Definitely a test of our agility but never presented a problem for us. This will certainly be an experience never to forget and we thank you,

Hal and Marsha L.
Patrick Air Force Base, FL
United States of America


September 2010: 5-Day Castle Road Prague to Frankfurt

Dear Thomas,

Thanks so much for the fantastic job you did booking the express bus, hotels, rail tickets, and rental car for our recent trip. We had such a good time and knowing that the transportation and hotels were competently taken care of really eased our minds. We especially liked the NH hotel in Nuremberg, it was so modern and sophisticated, but the others were great too. I do apologize for calling you so early that one morning. The information was in the packet you sent and I printed out, but we just panicked. Thank you again.


Janet & Paul G.
Crowley, TX
United States of America


September 2010: 9-Day German Highlights: 1st-class Rail & Cruise

Guten Morgen Thomas,

Our time in Germany comes to an end (we are in the Frankfurt airport waiting for our return flight), and we have had a simply marvelous time. We could not be happier with the accommodations you booked for us, or the travel arrangements between cities. We give you and to your company our highest recommendation. All of our expectations on this journey were greatly exceeded. Viehlen Dank !!

Ron B.
Austin, TX
United States of America


June 2010: 7-day Romantic Road Self-Drive tour

Hallo Thomas.

After our wonderful trip along the Romantic Road in June, I've never taken the time to make contact with you again to thank you. We thoroughly enjoyed it! The accommodation was superb, the scenery splendid and the versatility
of having our own transport with the rental vehicle made it worth while. Thank you very much for your flawless arrangements! This was truly an experience we will cherish for years to come.


Rupert D.
South Africa


September 2010: (Extended) 3-Day Romantic Road Self-drive tour & Waldeck Castle Package


Well we just got back from our vacation in Europe thru you and your service. I dont know all the things to say to describe our vacation. It was absolutely FABULOUS..IT started with the first thing..the pickup of the rent car. They told us you requested a Mercedes and it only had 40km on it. Brand New..After that each place you had us staying at was top of the line and although each was absolutely fantastic the next astounded us as it was better...
I defiantly want to say THANK YOU in a very very big way it was something we will remember the rest of our lifes...Bobbie is my special lady friend that traveled with me and I imagine she will also send you a thank you... If
you even need a reference them please do use us..we are very very pleased...

Thank You Again

Don P.
Chandler, TX
United States of America


August 2010: 7-Day Heidelberg/Bavaria Rail Circle tour

Dear Thomas,

I want to express my appreciation for the perfectly planned Heidelberg and Bavaria Rail Circle Tour that I just completed. The Hotels were ideally located near the Train Stations and the local transportation hubs. Each hotel was different and yet together they were well chosen.  The suggested local activities were great and more than I had the energy to fully complete. The complete package of rail schedules, google maps to the hotel, vouchers, taxi transfers, etc made it all execute like clock work.

I have been fortunate over the years to travel throughout Europe and the world with most tour operators, including Insight, Trafalgar and Globus. Since I travel alone, I use the tour companies to select hotels and provide the needed transportation. I endure the discomfort of the coaches and the often boring commentaries of the guides. Now there is an option provided by your company either by train or by car. Of course, I prefer the trains. I wish you great success. I look forward to the trip we have just planned to combine two of your tours in March 2011. I also look forward to the details of the Imperial Cities Rail Circle Tour. I may consider that for the Fall of 2011.

Warm regards and best wishes,

Harley B.
Houston, TX
United States of America

August 2010: 7-Day Gourmet & Castle tour & (extended) 8-Day Bavaria Self-drive tour

Hi Thomas, 

We just returned from our 18 day trip on Sunday night and I wanted to let you know that we had a great time in Germany.  We really enjoyed both tours. The gourmet and castle tour was very nice and we loved staying in the castles.  The maps and directions you provided were easy to follow and very helpful.  The 8 day Bavaria self drive tour was fun.  We enjoyed visiting all the beautiful towns and palaces along the romantic road.  We especially liked othenberg and the tour with the night watchman was fun. Thanks again for suggesting that we stay in Heidelberg on our last night.  The city is very beautiful and it was the perfect ending to our wonderful trip.

Thanks for everything,

Aurora, ON

August 2010: (Adjusted) 9-Day Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg tour

Dear Thomas

I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for making the trip a great and truely Bavaria style for both my husband and I. It was romantic too. :) Although it was raining for the first few days, it did not dampen our spirits. The itinerary you planned was wonderful and thankfully for your map, we were able to find our way to the hotel and attractions with ease. The staff and residents in Germany were really friendly. They even came fore to speak to us eventhough we do not know Germanic language. The hotels were great and the personal time table was a great help to plan our itinerary for the day. We even get to experience night cycling around Munich city centre as the hotel you had provided were able to rent us the bicycles for free. In our spare time, we got to visit other famous attractions on our own like the Alliance Arena and BMW museum. All in all, we really enjoyed ourselves and the pictures we took were really lovely too.

Thank you very much for making this trip a memorable one for us!

Adeline and Glen
from Singapore
24 August 2010

August 2010: (Extended) 4-Day Castle Road & Rhine River Cruise Rail tour

Dear Thomas,

We are back to our base in Athens.

Me and my family we will like to thank you for the wonderful trip we experienced. Everything was in order (even the zig-zag trip from Rudesheim to Heidelberg due to rail problem!!) the Hotels - the travel "tips" and of course the whole country side.

Many thanks


Alex T.
Athens, Greece

August 2010: 8-Day (adjusted) Bavaria Self-drive tour (from Prague)

Hi Thomas,

Just letting you know we're safely home from our trip and that we had a wonderful time. We particularly enjoyed the smaller towns from Rothenberg south. Though our favorite cities were Dinkelsbuhl and Nordlingen, the apartment and the landlord in Rothenberg were simply super. Shoengau (sp?) was kinda miserable as it was raining heavily. But we drove through the Austrian Alps on our way to Munich and that was pretty nice.

Thanks again for organizing this wonderful trip for us and I'll certainly recommend you to everyone who asks.

Tom P.
Newark, DE
United States of America

August, 2010: 4-Day Magic Cities tour (north)

Hello Thomas we had a wonderful time in Germany!! I absolutely love the country...our accommodations were wonderful and convenient....I will definitely use your company again!!! and will recommend you to anyone who's looking for a tour like you might offer....


Patti B.
Joplin, Missouri
United States of America

July, 2010: 9-Day Germany & Prague customized Rail- & Self-drive tour


Thanks so much for the great arrangements, everything worked out well. We really enjoyed our visit. I look forward to doing business again with you.


V. Thomas T.
Ogden Dunes, In.
United States of America

July, 2010: 13-Day customized tour

Hello Thomas-

We are home again in California after our wonderful Germany trip. Germany is an absolutely beautiful country. I wanted to thank you for all the bookings you made for us, the help along the entire process, from thinking through the whole plan, the wonderful reservations, answering all of my questions quickly and succinctly, to checking in on us and helping out with anything that came up during the trip. We had a really nice time and loved the hotels you selected. The children of course loved the hotels with the pools, we loved the charm and style of the Bed and Breakfast style hotels in Rothenburg and Munich and felt the rooms we received were perfect in size, location and amenities. Sebastian at the Hotel Laimer Hof was also wonderful. So helpful in every way.
You helped make our family adventure to Germany a wonderful success and if we ever make it there again we will be sure to contact you. And of course if anyone I know plans to take a trip to Germany I will give them your name.

Jessica, Soosh, Daniel & Steven G.
Mountain View, Ca.
United States of America

July, 2010: 7-Day Gourmet & Castle tour
Thomas. We are finishing up the fairy tail tour today. I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much my family has enjoyed this vacation. The castles have been fabulous and the towns remarkable. Do you do other tours in Germany or other countries? We would definitely be interested in anything.

Mary S.
Philadelphia, PA
United States of America

July, 2010: (Extended) 7-Day Romantic Road Self-drive tour

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for a great trip! We had a wonderful time revisiting Germany. Everything was arranged as you explained. Having everything pre-arranged made the trip very relaxing and stress-free. We will definitely keep you in mind for our future travel and will gladly refer you to friends and family. Thanks again.

Mark H and family
San Antonio, TX
United States

July, 2010: 5-Day Romantic Road Self-drive tour

Hi Thomas,

Just letting you know we have just dropped off the car after a wonderful five days - all went smoothly, although the time went so fast!
We loved each place we stayed, but were particularly impressed with the Hotel Spitzweg in Rothenburg - a very charismatic hotel, and the owner recommended some great wineries to visit!
Again much appreciated; I will be able to recommend the tour in Australia.

Jaime N.
Hamilton Brisbane
Queensland, Australia

June, 2010: 7-Day Romantic Road Coach & Rail Circle Tour


I wanted to write and thank you for setting up our vacation itinerary. Your directions of the daily events were very detailed, the trains, walks and sights. It was very easy getting around. Our hotel stays were a pleasant experience as well. I like to travel and I believe this was the BEST trip I have taken. Germany is a very beautiful country from what I had a chance to see. My husband and I had a great time.

Thank you again for everything...

Robyn M.
Altoona, PA
United States

June, 2010: (Extended) Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg tour


YOU are a GENIUS !!!! What a lovely trip we had ! Everything was so perfect !! The trains were so easy to navigate and everyone was so helpful, even without asking for help ! The hotels were just perfect, the staff was always so plesant, the rooms so clean and comfortable and they were all so perfectly located. We could not have done so much if the breakfasts were not included and there in the hotel every morning, it got us off on our way bright and early and ready to tackle the day. All our stops on our trip are so very lovely, we can not decide on which we liked the best. We have 1744 pictures trying to capture all the beauty and fun in Germany !! The pass to enter in all those museums and palaces was a wonderful thing to have, we didn't have to compromise on where to enter and where to not enter. The combination of doing so much yet on our own schedule, in our own time is a winning combo for us.
Thomas, you offer a GREAT service and we will make sure we let everyone know.....Germany is a beautiful destination and YOU have the best tours for a perfect vacation.

Thank you so very much,

Maria & Ralph G.
Miami, FL
United States

June, 2010: (Adjusted) Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg tour

Hello Thomas!!

Thank you so very much for the most fabulous vacation of our lives! My husband and I were amazed at the beauty of Germany, culture, food quality, beer/wine quality, and the friendly people!
It was a fantastic experience, and your plans were great! Thank you for your very thorough arrangements. The hotels were very centrally located, and easy to walk to various places. It was very easy to travel via train!
I am definitely in LOVE with Germany food!

Great job Thomas, and I will definitely use you again when we return to Germany!

My best,

Kathrine W.
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

June, 2010: (Adjusted) 10-Day Central European Rail tour

Hi Thomas,

I meant to send you an email yesterday right after I came back from the vacation but I was tied up with other things - few pending business related work from my company.
Both my wife and I really enjoyed European vacation trip you arranged for us.
All extra activities you arranged for us such as dinner cruse on evening, city bus tour, etc. were very good and all choice of the hotel in different cities were excellent.
Train ride between cities was also very smooth and good.
In overall, we had a really good time and very satisfied with your services.
Thank you!

In Don B.
Vancouver, BC

May, 2010: (Adjusted) 4-Day Romantic Road Rail tour


First I want to thank you for putting together such a fantastic trip. Your recommendations were superb. In addition, your organizational attention to detail was great. Everything was as you indicated. The stay in Munich was fantastic. The museum pass saved us a ton of money. The trains are on time, clean, efficient and very comfortable as a means of transport in Germany. Rothenburg was incredible as was Wurzburg. Our castle trip was a memory for a lifetime. We can cross one item off my bucket list... visiting Neuchwanstein. It was great. Ludwig was quite a man.

Here are the only things we want to share of a critical nature...1. Rothenburg au der Tauber... A great city... a great hotel... we wish we could have stayed there for many more days. It's a city you could visit for a week. The night watchman tour guide was awesome. EVERYONE must take that tour when they visit the city. 2. We were not aware of "reserved" coach seats on the train, so when someone asked us to vacate our seats after sitting in them for an hour, we were a little confused. Not sure how much reserved seats are, but on the long trip to Essen, that would have been a little less stressful.

Every restaurant and meal choice you recommended was right on. We pretty much followed your suggestions to the letter.

Once again, thanks for a great trip and arranging all that you did. When we return, we will be sure to look you up for advice again.

Have a great day,
Wayne C.
Boston, MA
United States of America

May, 2010: 4-Day Castle Road & Rhine River Cruise

Hi Thomas

My wife Lynne and I want to extend our thanks for your efforts in providing us with an exceptional fantastic 4 day tour of Frankfurt and Rudesheim and the additional day in Frankurt. The arrangements, schedule and hotels were all great. All the additional considerations with respect to locality, convenience, timing, etc reflects on you as being a super organized individual and always thinking of your clients. A job very well done in our eyes.
The Rudesheimer Schloss Hotel was a five star experience. The owners treated us almost as royality, we wish we could have stayed longer.

Many thanks
Bob and Lynne T.
Delta, British Columbia

May, 2010: (extended) Romantic & Castle Road 1st-class Rail tour

Dear Thomas,

Just got back from our tour in Germany. I want to "Thank You" for the fantastic trip we had. We saw absolutely beautiful cities and sites. The hotels were very good and as stated in the tour guide we received they were within easy walking distance to the train stations. We were very impressed with the German Rail System. The extended two day trip to Rudesheim and the Rhine River Cruise was terrific. The detailed information we received from you made the tour very easy. The suggestions and the tips including where to eat were very helpful.

Thomas, we would like to "Thank You " again for the fantastic trip. We hope we will have a opportunity to work with you again.

Jerry, Janet & Timothy M.
Minneapolis, United States

April, 2010: (adjusted) 9-Day Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg Rail Tour

Dear Thomas:

We have recently arrived home from our wonderful transatlantic cruise and incredible trip to Germany. We could not wait to tell you have pleased we were with the arrangements you made for us. Everything was in order and went smoothly. We appreciated the convenience of the hotels to the train stations as I had mentioned to you that my husband has a little difficulty with walking. How delighted we were to find that they were so close and actually one was just across the street. The use of the ICE trains was great and we actually met so many wonderful German people on these train trips.
The excursions and sights to see were great. The trip was more than we expected thanks to your careful planning.

We have already recommended you and your company to at least a dozen people.

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful memory for us. Our best wishes to you and again so many thanks.

Tom and Mary B.
Florida, United States

March, 2010: Romantic & Castle Road 1st-class Rail tour

Mr. Giesick,

We came back to Oslo on last Saturday after enjoying the fantastic trip very much.
We did not have any trouble on the trip. I thank you very much.

Seiji O.
Japan (currently: Oslo/Norway)

March, 2010: 7-Day Rome to Paris 1st-class Rail Tour
everything we did worked out great! thanks so much!!! had a wonderful time

Laurie M.,
Indiana, United States

January, 2010: 9-Day Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg Rail Tour

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the great trip. We had the best time. Kinsey and I made it home safe and sound and Troy got back to Kuwait yesterday. … We will pass your name along and use your company again with any future Europe trips. Thank you again, and take care,

Jeannie, Troy, & Kinsey C.,
Liberty Lake, WA, United States

December, 2009/ January, 2010: (Extended) 4-Days Magic Cities Tour South

Hi Thomas,

I just wish to thank you for organizing our tour through Germany Austria and back to Paris. And a special thank you for contacting Renaissance Salzburg Congress Center Hotel. They provided us 3 nights’ accommodation at the Renaissance Arc de Triomphe, Paris which was more than we expected. I have recommended TOEUROPE to other travelers and I hope they take my advice for future travels. We will definitely contact you when next we travel to Europe.

Daren & Jane M.,

December, 2009: (Extended) 9-Day Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg Rail Tour

Dear Thomas

We have been home now just a week, we have been very tired since we have come back and mainly rested, and that is why I am only writing to you now. But now I am ready take care again of my affairs and first I wanted to thank you for organizing everything for us. We had the most wonderful trip especially on the Romantic Road. We loved every bit of it .Everything worked very well and we were so lucky that even the weather played ball. It was like a winter fairyland everywhere with all that snow.
We didn't get to see a lot in Nuernberg,as the train was over an hour late due to problems with the snow, but we still saw the castle and it was worth it just the same. We were very pleased with all that you did for us, the time tables the tickets and the hotels, everything was just great. We particular enjoyed the hotels in Frankfurt, Rothenburg and also the one you organized in Bremen.(They were older but specially nice).The others were much the same as what you would get in Australia. We also found the staff particularly nice in the Hotels in Frankfurt, Rothenburg and Bremen. On the whole we had the best holiday. Heidi my daughter also enjoyed the trip very much, she had to go back to work the next day after coming home,I think she is also still trying to recover. My son Neil and his partner Karen came back early and spent the last week of their holiday here at the beach and they too had the best time and were very impressed what they saw. Bruce and I very much loved it all, if I did it again, I think I would like to take a little more time, there is so much to see, we were very pleased we had the extra time in Rothenburg ,it was like living in a fairytale with all that snow.
All five of us want to thank you for organizing our trip along the romantic road and putting up with all those changes due to the problems that came with Karen and Neil's Dog getting ill and finally dying.

Thank you for everything
Yours Isa S.

December, 2009: 9-Day 1st-class Emperors, King´s & Kaiser´s Rail Tour

Gday Thomas,

Just a quick note to thank you for a well organized and magnificent break.
Had no idea what to expect in Germany and was totally amazed! Great country full of great people. Only disappointment was the short time that I had to spend there to see so much.

Thanks again,


November, 2009: (Extended) 7-Day Romantic Road Self-drive tour

Thomas, We had a great time!! The John Deere tour was excellent. Had we had more time we could have toured the plant that makes the cabs.

All hotels were great. The top three being Hotel Schlossstuben in Büdingen, Hotel Spitzweg in Rothenburg, and Schlosshotel Lisl in Hohenschwangau.

The only downside to the trip was our vehicle being under powered.

The Christmas shopping was great and along with the John Deere toy tractors my kids had to buy two more bags to get all the purchases home.

I would certainly recommend you and your tour to anyone.

Thanks again,

Leonard G.
Marion, IA, United States

November, 2009: 7-Day Romantic Road Self-drive tour


Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had on the trip. It was great - really the best vacation ever. Thank you for all your help!

Kimber R. and family,
St. Louis, MO, United States

November, 2009: 9-Day Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg tour

We had a great trip and appreciated how you arranged all the hotels so close to the train stations. Everything went like clockwork.

I will recommend your service to any of my friends when they are traveling to Germany. Where else do you provide travel services? We are going to Hong Kong in February.

Thanks for a great trip,

Robert H.
Kempton, PA, United States

October, 2009: (Extended) Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg tour

Dear Thomas,

We had a wonderful time in Germany, thanks to your fantastic arrangements. Everything was great from the hotel arrangements to the attractions and the rail transportation, etc. The proximity of the hotels and the train stations was of much relief to us. We wish we had more time in Munich as there are so many things to do and see there (we missed the Hofbrauhaus!), or rather more time to travel around Germany.

We look forward to contacting you again for our fairy-tale route/christmas tour (unfortunately, we had to skip the fairy-tale route due to time constraint) in our next trip to Germany.

Danke schon!

Elsie, Siu Pin, Yvonne & Evelyn,

October, 2009: (Extended) Romantic Road Self-drive tour


Just got back from the trip. I wanted to let you know that everything went well. The GPS system in the car was a huge asset once I got it translated to English and figured out how to program it. I printed Google maps but it would have been much more difficult without the GPS. It made the trip much easier. The hotels were all good as well. We put about 1500km on the car and I did get a Merc C class. It was a turbo diesel. Nice car.

You may get some emails from Houston. My buddy Rex has some other friends who seem interested.

Thanks for your help.

Steve J.,
Friendswood, TX, United States

September, 2009: Private customized tour

Dear Mr. Giesick,

Today exceeded my wildest dreams. The private tour took us everywhere in Neuschwanstein and has provide me with excellent background for my book. Silvia was gracious, intelligent, excited about what we wanted, and took wonderful care of us! We could not have asked for more. Please thank her from the bottom of our hearts.


Thomas R.
Chicago, IL., United States

August, 2009: Romantic & Castle Road tour

The trip exceeded my expectations. All the hotels were very well located, close to the train station and to the historical sights. The schedules for the trains were perfect and with Germany's efficiency they ran on time. At our age, I was concerned about catching the trains and carrying luggage but we had absolutely no problem, except of course we packed too much. I am glad we went directly from the airport to Wurzburg. I especially liked Rothenburg ob der Tauber and loved the Hotel Spitzweg.

The Royal Castle tour was great. I am glad we added Salzburg. Salzburg was beautiful and the "Sound of Music" tour was fun. We liked Heidelberg and the Leonardo hotel was fine.

The breakfasts were good and more than ample.

The trip was well planned and a good value.

Thank you,

Leslie B.
San Francisco, CA., United States

August, 2009: 4-day Historic Cities of Rhine and Mosel

Dear Thomas,

We are back from a wonderful trip to Europe and I want to thank you for helping me arrange the wonderful Rhine/Mosel cities tour. It was a great tour, the perfect introduction for the two of us who have never traveleled in Germany before. What a fascinating mix of cities! And all of your (expeditiously prepared) instructions and documents were a godsend -- the logistics worked like a dream. We would never have been able to plan such a nice little trip on our own, knowing little about Germany. So thank you very much!

(One minor detail -- there are no baggage lockers at the Rudesheim train station, but we were able to find a shopkeeper who graciously stored our bags while we explored the charming town.)

We hope to book one of your tours again in the future, and will certainly recommend you to our friends and family.

Best regards,
Barbara M.,
Towson, MD., USA

July, 2009: Luxury Rhine Cruise and 1st-class Rail tour

Dear Mr Thomas Giesick,

We would like to send you very Good Wishes and very many thanks for the wonderful cruise you arranged for us on the "Premicon Queen". We really had a wonderful journey down the Rhine, and everything went to your plans as you had presented to us.

We would like to say how very grateful we all were for the way in which you handled our booking - it was done with such good manners and efficient way, and all went exactly as you said, we were able to follow your detailed instructions so very easily. All the hotels booked were very very good, the rail journeys to the places to stay were excellent and of very high standard.

You made our holiday a very memorable one and we can’t "Thank You" enough for all you did to make it so easy and enjoyable. There were only 45 guests on the cruise and about 80 crew and staff. This made it even more special - we were treated like Royalty.

Many many thanks and good wishes to you - we had a Fabulous Holiday and most of all it was nice to meet you in Frankfurt.

Best wishes from
Mr. and Mrs. J.R.W. and
Mr. and Mrs. F.
Cape Town, South Africa.

July, 2009: (Extended) 5-Day Romantic Road Rental Car tour


Well, we are back home in California. All went well and I really appreciate all your help. All the details and suggestions were perfect. The only thing I would change would be to shorten up the Rhine trip. Four hours rather than six would have been long enough.

Thanks again,
Dave D.,
Monarch Beach, Ca., USA

June, 2009: Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg

Dear Thomas (Grusse Gott as they say in Bavaria and Austria).

We leave Frankfurt to-day to go back to Manchester.

Thank you for all your help. Your train connections, hotels (very nice mixture) and tour recommendations were all excellent.

Appreciate your attention to detail and the personalized service you provided.

Thank you again - will be recommending you to a travel agent friend of mine in South Africa and some of our friends.

Take care now

Peter & Linda M.,
South Africa

PS Enjoyed an evening in Saxenhaus with my long lost cousins - apfel wein and green sauce were very good !

May, 2009: Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg

Dear Thomas:

Sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for the wonderful vacation you booked for me and my sister. Everything was booked to perfection, the train tickets, hotel rooms and the admissions to the various palaces and residences. You met all our expectations including the extra day trip to Innsbruck for us to go to the Swarovski Crystalline exhibit.

I have emailed my travel agent that I would highly recommend your services to her clients.

Many thanks again for making our vacation successful.

Lucia B.,

May, 2009: Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg

Mr Geisick----Many thanx again for your flawless trip arrangements. All went well---train schedules perfect---weather beautiful. Would like to have spent a few more days---but maybe next time. Do you arrange tours other than Germany? Thank you also for printing the train tickets---very helpful. The countryside was spectacular with spring colorand the cities neat and clean. Very impressive. People very helpful. would highly recommend your company.

Gerald O.,
Vista Ca., USA

April, 2009: Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg

Hi Thomas,

thank you for all the directions, advise that made my holiday absolutely awesome. The hotels were all easy to find, friendly and well serviced. I will def be recommending you to any other travelers. Kind regards

Gillian S.,
South Africa

February, 2009: (adjusted) Romantic Road & Black Forest tour 2009

Hello Thomas,

we had an absolute wonderful time. Thank you for everything you have done. Your instructions were great. Triberg was the best ever. We never used the bus, we just walked. We got back to town around 8:00 pm. She was the sweetest thing ever. … It was our favorite and the most beautiful. Thank you again for the wonderful trip of our lives.

Sandy G.,

December, 2008: 7-Day Romantic Road AVIS Rental-car Tour

Hello Thomas,

I would like to thank you for that wonderful trip that you arranged for me and my mom through Germany during Christmas. I know it's a late response, but as I was looking through my pictures I realize what a wonderful time I had there and what a great job you did to set everything up. The choice of the hotels was excellent, especially in Heidelberg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Neuschwanstein castles tour and hotel there were simply breathtaking. It was so much more then I expected. And I also appreciated the fact that it was so easy to get hold of you and get answers on all my questions. Thank you very much for your work Thomas. I hope your business goes well during these difficult times. You really deserve it.

Elena H.,
Houston, TX

December, 2008: (adjusted) Christmas Magic Grand tour 2008

Hello Thomas,

Scott and I arrived back in Boston last night after completing our Christmas tour in Germany. Thank you so much for a near-perfect experience. We had an absolutely wonderful time - and now we need a vacation to rest from all the activities! We especially appreciated the small details that you included such as the printed time-tables for the trains and the walking directions to/from the train stations and the hotels. The excursion in the Black Forest was also very memorable. …

Thank you again for a perfect and memorable experience. I am already budgeting our next trip!

Fred W.,
Jacksonville, FL

December, 2008: From the Black Forest to the Danube

Dear Thomas Giesick,

the tour has been wonderful- I am on my last day in Regensburg at the moment. It is lovely to have a bit of flexibility and the information you provided has been very helpful!

Thank you so much for all of your help!

Kind regards,
Braddon, Australia

December, 2008: Christmas Magic Grand tour 2008


thank you for arranging this tour. We had a great time! … All of the hotels were good. We enjoyed Stuttgart the best. The markets there were the best. Thanks again, and Merry Christmas to you!

Best Regards,


October, 2008: Romantic Road AVIS Rental car tour (extended)

Hi Tomas,

We just came back from our vacation. We arrived yesterday but slept most of day (due to time differences and jet-lag, etc.) but I am up now, and decided to write you about our experiences.

It was one of the most wonderful vacations we had in recent years. Daily itinerary you made for us was well planned and done. The hotel accommodations, rental car and recommended places to visit were all very, very good. There wasn't anything or any places we didn't like or we can complain.

We really enjoyed and had fantastic times in beautiful country Germany, thanks to you! The trip will be long remembered.

As I mentioned, we are planning to have an additional trip to Germany as well as Czech Republic very soon.

We'll rely on your service again for that trip.

Thank you!!!


In Don & Sungsook, Vancouver

October, 2008: Romantic & Castle Route


I'm back from my trip and want to let you know that I had a wonderful time. Thanks.


August, 2008: German Fairy-tale Route (customized tour)

Dear Thomas,

Just wanted to write and say what a wonderful holiday we had. The highlight was the stay in Trendelburg Castle, a truly wonderful setting. The views from the restaurant were breath taking. Kassel was also very impressive with the Hercules monument, would be interested to see that when all the work if finished.

A friend of mine is now sounding interested in doing a similar sort of trip to ours so I will be passing on your details to him.

Thank you for all your help. I think in a few years time we may do Kassel to Frankfurt and finish off the trail so will be keeping hold of your details.

Kind regards

Liz W.,
Great Britain

August, 2008: German Fairy-tale Route

Hi ! Thomas,

We are home safely after a great trip. Your arrangements were impeccable.

Kindest regards
Ian McG.,

August, 2008: Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg

Dear Mr Giesick

Thank you for organising such a wonderful trip for us. It gave us a chance to travel independently without having to worry about train and hotel bookings. Also we took your valuable advice about special sites to visit at each location.


Di S.,

June, 2008: Historic Highlights of Bavaria & Rhine Cruise

Hi Thomas,

Greetings to you from Melbourne.

Firstly, I want to let you know - that we had an absolutely wonderful time in Germany on our tour.

Commencing from the cruise on the Rhine all the way through to our time in Rothenburg - it was just the most fantastic time. Thank you for all your suggestions - which really made the trip even more special. Thank you particularly for your advice to remain in Regensburg for longer - this was the most beautiful of towns for me. Definitely my favourite - along with Rothenburg.

… Thank you once again Thomas. We all had a wonderful time. I look forward to returning to Germany one day.

Kind regards,

June, 2008: Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg

Hello Thomas,

Heather and I thoroughly enjoyed our rail tour, everything went without a hitch. The trains were well organized at sensible times and your information was spot on.

... We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and would have no hesitation in recommending your tours to other visitors to Germany.

Many thanks once again
kind regards
Alastair and Heather,
Melbourne, VIC

June, 2008: Castle Road Rental Car tour

Dear Thomas,

On behalf of our two families I would like to thank You for an excellent time that we spend on Burgenstrasse.

Nice hotels, interesting program - everything was very good. We shall definitely use Your company when planning future trips in Germany.

Thank You once again.


May, 2008: Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg

Hello Thomas

I have arrived home from my Europe journey and want to give you my feedback on your part of my trip. I found your tour very well organized and easy to follow. It enabled me to see a lot of worthwhile sights that I may not have otherwise. The hotels were all quite comfortable and easy to find from the Railway Stations, with your directions.

… I was impressed with your organization of train schedules and tickets all printed out, a very good way for an independent traveler to see Germany.

Kind regards
Hillcrest, SA

May, 2008: Rhine Cruise & Loreley

Good Morning, Thomas,

we have finally returned home, late the evening of June 3 … Everything went well for our entire trip.

I want to give you the greatest thanks that one can, without being able to do it in person. From the beginning, I appreciated your patience with my questions, and concerns. Both my husband and I appreciated your attention to our desires, and the plans that you made for us.

The train travel went well, and yes, we really enjoyed the ICE trains. Do you know at what rate they travel? They were clean, comfortable, and the ride was very smooth. That in itself was a great experience.

The hotels that you arranged were just the experience that we were hoping for. …
We agreed that if the opportunity should come, we would like to use your services again. I will keep an ear out for any friends that might want to make plans to travel in areas that you cover. Thank you so much for your kindness and a trip that we will long remember.


Melinda and Lee
Lexington, KY

May, 2008: The Charm of the Romantic

Dear Thomas,

… I wanted to write and let you know that we enjoyed our trip very much. Everything went very well and the itinerary, travel and hotel accommodations were great. The hotels were very nice, it was a good mix of historical and more modern. We enjoyed them all and everyone was very friendly and helpful. … I particularly enjoyed the train ride from Wiesbaden to Koblenz along the Rhine. It was very beautiful with all the vineyards and castles along the way. … We enjoyed our trip very much and will recommend your services to our friends when they are wanting to visit Europe. Thank you for everything and feel free to write or call if you have any questions or comments.

Grandville, MI

April, 2008: Romantic Road & Heidelberg 1st-class Rail Tour

Mr. Thomas Giesick,

We just returned from our vacation (Romantic Road Rail Tour) in your beautiful country, Germany.

The people were very friendly everywhere we went, the churches, castles, and sights were more than we expected, and, as a bonus, we got better-than-anticipated weather - what more could we ask for?

Your thorough pre-planning (daily itinerary, route, hotel and train reservations) made for a stress-free travel experience.

I would heartily recommend your service to anyone who seems even vaguely interested in traveling to Europe.

We had a great time! Thank you very much!

Doug and Li
Winchester, Ca, USA

March, 2008: Romantic Road, Bavaria & Salzburg Tour

Dear Thomas,

Everything was terrific! /p>

The tour information sheets with train schedule were very helpful. The hotels are located next to the train station that was very good and practical!

In summary, I had a nice travelling and enjoyed every places of the tour.

Thank you.

December 2007: Christmas Magic Grand Tour

Dear Thomas

The others are back in England and I am back in South Africa and catching up at work.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and here are my comments: While the atmosphere in all the markets was good, I thought the best markets were in Frankfurt and Stuttgart where the stalls were wonderfully decorated. Rothenburg o d T was outstanding, as you said, and was definitely worth a visit. The hotels were good; .. the location of all the hotels was convenient; … We tried the gluewhein at the markets but also enjoyed the kinder punsch and we tried all the different food on offer.

All in all it was a great experience and I thank you very much for all your assistance in arranging it.

South Africa

December 2007: Christmas Magic Grand Tour

Hi Thomas

Thanks very much for organizing everything so thoroughly, the train connections and hotel booking all worked very well.

... I did manage to take the train direct to Munich and take a tour to the Belsen concentration camp. Very worthwhile for anyone interested in that period of German history.

Once again thanks very much for a wonderful tour.


December 2007: German Fairy-tale Route

Dear Thomas,

First of all, we want you to know that we are more than happy with the trip. We loved Germany, it s a gorgeous country. The cities, the hotels, the food, the trains, the people, everything was wonderful. We ve had gluewein several times and we liked it very very much, as well as the beers!!! Every city had it s own charm. We are very sad we had to come back home...but we ll return! …

Thank you very much for arranging this tour for us. Be sure we ll call you next time we travel to Germany, and of course, we are going to recommend you to our friends!!

We are very glad we met you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Lavinia and Cristina

December 2007: Christmas Magic Grand Tour

Hi Thomas,

I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for all of your help in planning our Christmas Markets tour. I have just submitted my review on Tripadvisor and included you on the email.

We had a wonderful time and appreciate all of your help with our planning.

Thanks again,
Brooklyn, NY, USA

December 2007: German Fairy-tale Route


Danke für Dein mail. Die Reise was ausgezeichnet! Die Intercity Hotels sind sehr gut, und sehr bequem, nahe die Bahnhof.

Ich glaube dass meines Deutsch besser ist, weil viele Leute in Hanau, Marburg, Steinau, Kassel, Gottigen und Bremen Deutsch nicht sprechen können! Aber, es gab kein Problem, und ich habe gelernt dass mein Deutsh nicht zu schlect ist!

Nächste Jahr, durf ich noch einmals reisen (anderes Reise) und ich durch noch einmal Dir berühren.

Ich schreibe noch einmal wann meinen Bilden auf dem Internet sind.

Viele danke for alles Dir Hilfe,


December 2007: Christmas Magic Grand Tour

We made it back to Texas AND enjoyed your tour.

Thanks again & Merry Christmas

Kingsland, Tx, USA

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December 2007/January 2008: German Fairy Tale Road

I’ll put the rest of the photos up soon – I will email you when I have done this. Please pass the link onto anyone you like.

South Melbourne, VIC

If you have been on a tour with us and you made photos you want to share please let us know. We will put a note with the link on our website.

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