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Berlin, Wittenberg, Erfurt, Castle Wartburg, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Munich and Heidelberg: along the footsteps of Martin Luther you will visit some of Germany´s most beautiful cities on the 8-Day Rail tour from Berlin to Frankfurt Airport (can also be booked from Frankfurt Airport to Berlin). This tour includes second class ...

Day 1 : Berlin to Lutherstadt Wittenberg
It just takes about 40 minutes on the High-Speed train from Berlin to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Check into your hotel which is located in the City Center.

A “must see” in Wittenberg is, of course, the Schlosskirche (Castle ... more

Day 2 : Erfurt
By High-speed train you will get to Erfurt. See where Martin Luther studied, bow heads where he prayed and walk the same medieval streets. At almost every turn, there's a reminder of the man who launched the Reformation. ... more

Day 3 : Day trip to Wartburg Castle and the City of Eisenach
Today you will take make a day trip to nearby Eisenach, then take the bus up to Wartburg Castle. In 1521, while fleeing from the wrath of the Pope, Luther took refuge in here after a fake kidnapping staged by his friend and ... more

Day 4 : Nuremberg
The High-Speed train (ICE) will take you from Erfurt to Nuremberg. The Nuernberg Reformation history shows that Martin Luther’s ideas found fertile soil here. Motivated by a great majority of the citizens, the Nuremberg ... more

Day 5 : Augsburg
The High-Speed train (ICE) will take you from Nuremberg to Augsburg. Augsburg is the city most famous for the Augsburg Confession, the Religious Peace Treaty and the celebration thereof. The theological-historical museum ... more

Day 6 : Day trip to Munich
In the morning, the train will take you to the capital of Bavaria. Munich, famous throughout the world, is the Bavarian metropolis, close to the Alps and in the heart of Europe. Where to begin when one wants to name places to ... more

Day 7 : Heidelberg
The Speed train (IC) will take you from Augsburg to Heidelberg. In Germany’s oldest University, research is being done on the highest levels of science. Famous names dictate the history of Heidelberg. The royal residence of ... more

Day 8 : Heidelberg to Frankfurt Airport
At your convenience take the train to Frankfurt Airport (or Frankfurt Main Station). The tour can be extended or combined with one of our other tours (e.g. the 4-Day Castle Road & Rhine River Cruise tour). more

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