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Four nights accommodation in two different Castles, two nights in a Palace and one night in Bremerhaven in the Hotel Sail City which has just been opened!

Along the German Fairy-tale Route you will head north all the way up to the North Sea. In Bremerhaven you will visit the award winning German Emigration ...

Day 1 : Frankfurt Airport (or Frankfurt City Centre)
Pick up your Rental car (with GPS) and take the German Autobahn (highway) to Romrod Castle (about one hour from the airport). The Castle dates back to the 12th century and this is where you will stay for the first two nights ... more

Day 2 : Hanau and Steinau an der Strasse
Today you have a variety of places you may want to visit. You may drive to Hanau where the Brothers Grimm were born in the years 1785 and 1786. Here in Hanau is the official beginning of the German Fairytale Route. On Hanau´s ... more

Day 3 : Marburg
Today you will visit the city of Marburg on the Lahn river on your way up north.

The historical Old Quarter: The upper town, as it is called, is pellbinding. Walk narrow and twisting alleys paved with cobblestones, past ... more

Day 4 : Day trip to Kassel
Welcome to Kassel, the heart of the fairy-tale route.

Here in Kassel the Brothers Grimm lived for over thirty years, working as librarians at the Electoral Library, known now as the Fridericanum, Europe's first public ... more

Day 5 : Sleeping Beauty Castle Sababurg and Trendelburg
On your way to Petershagen Palace you will visit the Castles Sababurg and Trendelburg.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle Sababurg

Once upon a time...
there was a good landgrave. Not for the courtly hunt but for his interest ... more

Day 6 : Hamelin
Today you take a ride to the famous city of Hamelin.

And who is responsible for the towns fame?

Of course the "Rattenfänger von Hameln", the "Pied Piper of Hamelin"! For centuries now, the "Pied Piper" has been the ... more

Day 7 : Bremen
Today take a drive to Bremen, the heart of North West Germany and home to the famous Bremen Town Musicians. The city's Town Hall with its Renaissance architecture is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, together with the statue of ... more

Day 8 : German Emigration Center
Today you visit the German Emigration Center. In 2007 the German Emigration Center was very honored on receiving a special award. The „emotional presentation of history through the use of theatrical stagings and the academic ... more

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